Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Adobe Crumble

Adobe Crumble … what more can I say? Ok… I like the randomness of the adobe brick textures squared off against the smoothness of the window panes. The bounced light filling in the shadows has a nice glow I like. Thanks for looking. G


Winter Window

Not a hugely appropriate new year’s day photo upon first look. The building’s apparent abandonment, broken window panes, and the happy, glowing, brightness of the scene shining through is what made me smile.

Adobe Abode, Taos NM

Adobe abode taos new mexico abandoned building

When driving around looking for images to make, I’ll often find a place to pull over and return to what I saw. On occasion the scene I saw was created by the motion of objects passing more objects. Other times the pre-visualization comes together. I whipped past this scene of abandonment along the roadside. I’ve driven by it many times. It was pouring rain. The window caught my eye first but the muted colors are what appealed to me most. The fabric, the cockeyed rafters made for two whimsical elements, and the warm tones of the grasses added color and softness.
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