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Winter Light, Iconic Taos Truck

Last week we went out for dinner at a local restaurant. We haven’t been out for a sit-down meal in a long time, and were we ever glad we did! We had a good time and the food was fabulous. The restaurant is in a great location and the view from the dining room, was such, that I was prompted to get up and leave my meal for a few shots of that favorite GMC, the iconic Taos truck, parked in an adjacent field. The diffused sunlight on the scene gave the truck and landscape a warm rosy glow.

The camera in my pocket was my iPhone. I could have walked back to the parking lot to get my ‘other’ camera but I was afraid the light would have faded by the time I got back. Within a couple of minutes later I’d shot a dozen images and was heading back to my meal. The light was fleeting and as the saying goes, the best camera is the one you have on you.

The first image is when I approached the vehicle. You can see the distracting footprints in the foreground. In the two following images, I moved in closer. The truck dominates the composition and the tracks out front were probably made by a dog or coyote rather than clunky, human footprints.

The last image is a view you would have if you were sitting in the cab looking out. I wouldn’t recommend getting in the cab as it’s full of broken glass and in the summertime is home to a thriving nest of hornets.

GMC Truck Winter Taos, NM
GMC, iconic Taos truck in El Prado, winter light.

Old Taos Truck
GMC truck in winter light, with Taos Mountain.

GMC truck El Prado, Taos NM
Close up view of the truck’s fender and hood detail.

Taos Moutain Light
Winter light on Taos Mountain.

I’m heading out on a photo tour this weekend. Let’s see what I come up with. There’s also a full moon so I’ll be out photographing its latest appearance, weather permitting.

As always, thank you for looking.


Last Light, Mountain Snow, Sangre de Cristos, NM

Last light on the mountain snows and cloud, Sangre de Cristos, NM. The last glimmer of light on the foothills before the sun slipped over the horizon and the warmth of the day with it. Stay warm, and healthy. Thanks for looking. G


El Salto, El Prado, Winter Light

El Salto rocks, El Prado, bathed in winter light. Pull over on the shoulder. Find a vantage point through the trees, wait for the cattle to separate with a little space between them so they resemble cattle and not clumps of coal. There you have it. Another beautiful vista on the drive home. Thanks for looking. G

El Salto Rocks, El Prado, Winter Light

Taos Mountain, Arroyo Hondo, Cottonwood

Taos Mountain, cottonwood, red willows in the Arroyo Hondo valley. I’ve said it before, some times it’s just about what’s there in front of you. This scene presents itself often. So, while the cottonwood is front and center, with scattered homes on the hill sides, it’s not so bad a feast for the eyes. All capped off by Taos Mountain. (Pueblo Peak). Thanks for looking. G

Taos Mountain, Arroyo Hondo, cottonwood

Winter Light, Tree, Mountains

Winter light, tree, mountains. My neighbor’s tree from the kitchen window. Probably my favorite sight at the end of the day as the sun catches it, all warm and glowing against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains beyond. Thanks for looking. G

Winter light, tree, mountains.

Red Barn, San Luis Valley, Where The Rain Gets In

Red Barn, San Luis Valley, where the rain and light gets in. So many holes in the roof and walls to fix. Barn’s letting in the light. Soon there will be only holes and no barn. Thanks for looking. G

Red Barn, San Luis Valley

Pines, Winter Light, Glowing, San Cristobal

Pines, and warm winter light, glowing, in the mountains north of San Cristobal, NM. Happy thanksgiving in whatever way that brings meaning to you. Thank you for your friendship, past, present and beyond, and as always thank you for looking. G

Pines, Winter Light, Glowing, San Cristobal

Clearing Storm, Warm Winter Light

Clearing storm, warm winter light. As the storm lifted, the soft light from a sun was dying to break out from the clouds. It hinted at a mild winter day to come. Not! The temps dropped again and shortly thereafter… the hand warmers came out. I also added a couple of warmers with an elastic band to the battery compartment. Thanks for looking. G


Chama River, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Chama River, where it runs through Abiquiu, New Mexico. A beautiful day for a photo tour around the Abiquiu area this week. The skies were stunning. The day started out looking like rain with snow imminent, but as the old adage says “If you don’t like the weather in New Mexico… wait five minutes.” I’ve heard this said for Utah too. This day, on the Chama River, the weather changed in the time it took to drive down the hill between Georgia O’Keeffe’s house and Bode’s General Store in the village of Abiquiu, approximately two minutes away. Could be a record. Thanks for looking. G

Chama River, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Winter Light, Hay Bales, Snow

Winter light, on the hay bales, capped with snow. Another fabulous day in the richly diverse San Luis Valley of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. The winter light really sets this valley off, with farms, fields, abandoned homesteads, raptors and wildlife. Thanks for looking. G

Winter Light, Hay Bales, Snow