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Winter Light, Iconic Taos Truck

Last week we went out for dinner at a local restaurant. We haven’t been out for a sit-down meal in a long time, and were we ever glad we did! We had a good time and the food was fabulous. The restaurant is in a great location and the view from the dining room, was such, that I was prompted to get up and leave my meal for a few shots of that favorite GMC, the iconic Taos truck, parked in an adjacent field. The diffused sunlight on the scene gave the truck and landscape a warm rosy glow.

The camera in my pocket was my iPhone. I could have walked back to the parking lot to get my ‘other’ camera but I was afraid the light would have faded by the time I got back. Within a couple of minutes later I’d shot a dozen images and was heading back to my meal. The light was fleeting and as the saying goes, the best camera is the one you have on you.

The first image is when I approached the vehicle. You can see the distracting footprints in the foreground. In the two following images, I moved in closer. The truck dominates the composition and the tracks out front were probably made by a dog or coyote rather than clunky, human footprints.

The last image is a view you would have if you were sitting in the cab looking out. I wouldn’t recommend getting in the cab as it’s full of broken glass and in the summertime is home to a thriving nest of hornets.

GMC Truck Winter Taos, NM
GMC, iconic Taos truck in El Prado, winter light.

Old Taos Truck
GMC truck in winter light, with Taos Mountain.

GMC truck El Prado, Taos NM
Close up view of the truck’s fender and hood detail.

Taos Moutain Light
Winter light on Taos Mountain.

I’m heading out on a photo tour this weekend. Let’s see what I come up with. There’s also a full moon so I’ll be out photographing its latest appearance, weather permitting.

As always, thank you for looking.


22 thoughts on “Winter Light, Iconic Taos Truck”

  1. Hey Geraint…well brotha you caught that light perfectly, as usual. I would suggest you contact Apple’s marketing dept. as those shots say a lot about the iPhone’s camera not to mention your eye for light & composition ..I sent you an earlier email but I will use “the camera I have with me…”…John & Jo

    • Hi John. I got your email and we’ve chatted since then. I really appreciate your friendship, compliments, and insight. Thank you my friend. I must share my work with the almighty Apple! G

  2. Will always remember you taking a photo that I was taking of the puddle of water with the image of the church
    That was a really long time ago!
    I was SO excited to meet you!
    Carolyn Cobb

    • That was a long time ago! I’ve shot more than my fair share of puddles and the church since. Thank you for following along all these years, Carolyn, and for all your compliments on my work. It was a pleasure to meet you too. I hope you are well and staying healthy. G

  3. Thank you for the subscription e-mail Geraint; I don’t know how to do that yet for my own web sites and blog, but as I do with your photography, will learn from you. I love the first photo with the footprints, the ghost driver perhaps, and the green paint abstract, like patina on a bronze statue.

    • You are very welcome. I’m glad you signed up and I hope you get it sorted for your website. I really appreciate your compliments too. Thanks, Claudia. G

    • I enjoy a lot of liberty in my photography using the cell phone freely and at will, to explore and play. Thank you so much, Sue. G

    • Thank you, Chris. That’s a favorite of mine also. I think of it as a ‘dune’ in its form. Cheers my friend. G

  4. I was thinking of you as we were heading up 285 towards Alamosa and looking at the vastness of the Taos Plateau .. it dawned on me your eyes are the camera. These wonderful pictures of the Taos truck show me how to see. Thank you. ❤️?

  5. What a wonderful little story and a reminder that we photographers, like moths, cannot resist the light. Fortunately you and I are both have very understanding partners, who just accept that we might see something at dinner and may be compelled to run from the table. 🙂

    • I agree on all counts and we partners who will sit in the car and wait for us no end. Or in the case of my wife will get out and shoot too alongside me and me her. Thank you my friend for all your comments and compliments on my work. Thanks, Ron. G

  6. This series makes me think of Gustave Baumann’s “Road To Taos”. Hopefully, we’ll see you in Taos, sooner than later, my friend.

  7. Hope you Have a great Saint David’s day
    ????????????????????????????????????????????? could not find a leek or a daffodil ?


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