Mountain Bluebird, Sangre De Cristo Pines

Mountain Bluebird, in the Sangre De Cristo Mountain pines. Blue flashes of wings blast out of the trees, through meadow grasses to alight again on the top of another pine tree. Taunting me to the max as I approach which feels more like playful glee to me. I’m smiling all the while. Here’s everything you need to know about Mountain Bluebirds. Thanks for looking. G

Mountain Bluebird, Sangre De Cristo pines.

Moonrise In A Sienna Sky

Moonrise in a sienna sky, over the Sangre de Cristos, New Mexico. Life from the deck in San Cristobal. The moon rose powerful this evening, conquered and ruled the dome of the sky. The only time I have not seen the moonrise over the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is when it’s cloudy or I’m out of town, and… weather permitting I’ll see the moonrise in the place I am. Thanks for looking and keep on looking. G

Moonrise in a sienna sky

Golden Eagle Silhouette, Sangre De Cristo Mountains

Golden Eagle silhouette, with the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, southern Colorado. We whipped past this scene, but quickly pulled over and got a couple of shots of the Golden Eagle on the power pole. They are a magnificent sight to see in their domain and their domain is everywhere. Thanks for looking. G

Golden Eagle silhouette, Sangre De Cristo Mountains

Bald Eagle, Sangre De Cristo Mountain Snows

Bald Eagle, with a backdrop of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains covered in snow. With such a commanding view it’s no wonder we’ve seen this raptor, numerous times, at this location. It’s also a great place to stop and admire the view for ourselves. If we’re fortunate we may see this bird again next week on a return trip to the area. Thanks for looking. G

Bald Eagle, Sangre De Cristo Mountain Snows

Southern Rocky Mountains Super Moon Rise

Southern Rocky Mountains winter solstice super moon rise. I didn’t post this image at the time since the winter solstice full wolf moon eclipse was a more pertinent image for the photo of the day. Prior to the lunar eclipse that evening, this is how the moon looked, as it rose in the east, over the snow capped peaks of the Sangre de Cristo range, of the southern Rocky Mountains. Thanks for looking. G

Southern Rocky Mountain Moon Rise

Rural Colorado Moonrise, San Luis Valley

Rural Colorado and moonrise in the San Luis Valley at the old barn. Sixteen degrees fahrenheit is cold. When the moon rose it warmed up the sky, the valley, my hands and heart. What an evening to drive into the hinterlands. Standing here in this field where the old crops are mown, the new crops not yet sown, where a coyote howled and all was still save the moon rising silently behind the clouds over the Sangre de Cristo mountains.  Stay tuned for the luna eclipse photo tomorrow. Thanks for looking. G

Rural Colorado Moonrise, San Luis Valley

Wind Whipping Snow, Vallecito Peak

Wind Whipping Snow, Vallecito Peak in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico. It’s a beautiful mountain in all seasons. I think winter is my favorite season. It really defines the massiveness of the mountain and “corn woman” or “the weaver” defined by the trees in the center. It also looks like Olive Oyl, Popeye’s girl! Thanks for looking. G

Wind Whipping Snow, Vallecito Peak