Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Moonrise, Costilla, New Mexico

Moonrise over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains from Costilla, New Mexico. I drove up north an hour before sunset, the peaks are just over the border in Colorado. I was very surprised to see just how large this “Beaver” or “Frosty” moon looked as the view opened up to the east. Nothing like an evening drive to watch the moon rise. Thanks for looking. G

Moonrise, Costilla, New Mexico.

2 thoughts on “Moonrise, Costilla, New Mexico”

  1. What a nice experience, thanks.
    The mountains have a blue caste, naturally. The moon has a yellow caste. This might help me finish my composite of the moon setting over Spanish Peaks. It has been hard for me to make it believable.
    This evening I’ll be looking for the moon over or under 3 bridges on the Mississippi River, just a short walk from the apartment .


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