High Country Visitor Guide 2018

Hawk-Media, High Country Visitor Guide to the Southern Rockies 2018 cover image. I’ve had the privilege of working with Hawk-Media for many years. This is the current issue of High Country with my cover image of Malachi Tsoodle-Nelson, Kiowa, Navajo, Taos Pueblo, Delaware made at the Santa Fe Indian Market. This issue also includes many other images illustrating articles from this area. Clicking on the following link will take you to the online version. High Country 2018. Or you can pick up a hard copy at locations around northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. Thanks for looking. G

Hawk Media High Country magazine cover image

Spring Photo Tours/Workshops

Spring Photo Tours/Workshops. I just completed more than a dozen trips with photographers, sharing with them the locations I know and love. It has been a great pleasure working with so many photographers with varied, personal visions, on composition and lighting, in landscapes, nature, architecture and an occasional portrait. Below are images of a few of my guests.

Southern Colorado Photo workshop

Southern Colorado Photo Tour

Abiquiu photo tour

Abiquiu and Rio Chama Photo Tour

Abiquiu photo tour

Three Day Grand Tour/Sites of Taos

Abiquiu photo tour

Three Day Grand Tour/Sites of Taos with Rainbows over the Taos Valley

Ocate photo workshop

On the road in Ocate New Mexico, during the Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

Abiquiu photo tour

On the road in (literally) in Abiquiu, New Mexico, during the Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

spring photo tour

At the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

spring photo tour

At the old trucks in El Prado. Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.

spring photo tour

Group photo at the old trucks in El Prado. Spring 2018 Photo Workshop.


Next, I am hitting the road on a photo road trip with two photographers to Eastern Arizona, SE Utah, and the four corners area of New Mexico.

Arizona, SE Utah sunrise


If you would like to sign up for dates from now through summer and fall please visit my photo tour page and drop me a line: geraint@geraintsmith.com or call: 505-501-4880. And… please remember it’s never too early to sign up for winter and next years dates when you may be thinking of visiting. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in New Mexico and southern Colorado.

Abiquiu summer photo tours

Thank you to all my new photographer friends who have joined me on a photo tour/workshop. Geraint

San Luis Valley Homestead #24

San Luis Valley Homestead #24 in the abandoned buildings and homesteads series. I love the sense of serenity I find in this place amongst all the ghosts. I’ve been working on this project for the last six years. Quite a number of the buildings are no longer standing. Some are in a state of continuing decline, and there is no trace of others. I’ll continue to share images in this project here on my website. Thanks for looking. G

San Luis Valley Homestead #24

Alamosa Railyards, Colorado

Ghostly drapes on the “Minnesota Zephyr, Stillwater Carriage” in the Alamosa Railyards, Colorado. It is eerie to walk between the carriages and see the remnants from a bygone era. I can imagine the travelers on the train looking out the windows as the scenery went by, their eyes full of wonder, where ever they were heading. Here are more details on the train from Wikipedia. Thanks for looking. G

Alamosa Railyards, Colorado

Wild Horses, Southern Colorado

A band of wild horses and foal in southern colorado. A month earlier when first spotted, on a photo tour, the foal could only have been two or three days old. Two days ago, exactly one month since the first encounter with the band, we observed a very healthy young foal thoroughly at ease with the cold temperatures and keeping up with the band. A delight to see as foals born here in the wild, in winter, have a slim chance of survival. Thanks for looking. G

Wild Horses southern colorado photo tour

Size and Price

White House White Out

White house white out. Well… in honor of the snow that just started falling here in San Cristobal… and in the hope that it keeps falling all night and for the next few days (unlikely, but …), I thought I would post this image that gives a feeling of what it usually should look like, around here, in early February. I also really like this image with the colorful Chamisa plant growing in the pathway. Thanks for looking. G

White House White Out

Size and Price

Rio Grande Winter, Southern Colorado

Rio Grande ice and red willows, southern Colorado. Winter is here, where the Rio Grande Gorge begins. When I come across a pristine scene like this and the snow is beginning to fall, the river ice is expanding daily and the red willows are glowing on the river banks … well I just want to shout … “welcome winter. it’s about time.” It’s been a while since we saw temperatures of anything near what they should be at this time of year. Well, they are here now! Thanks for looking. G

Rio Grande Ice southern Colorado

Sign, Gun Shot To Bits, Colorado

Sign, gun shot to bits, Colorado. Just north of the border at the Lobatos bridge, on the Rio Grande, target practice at this location on these particular marker sings seem to be the norm. Perhaps this part of Colorado could be annexed as it’s generally a scene more reminiscent of New Mexico. Here’s an image “Shot full of holes”  from a 2013.  Thanks for looking. G

Sign Shot To Bits, Colorado

Stone House, San Luis Valley, Colorado

Stone house in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. I spent some time here last week, down below the house, at the fence line exploring distant views of the stone house on the ridge line. Returning uphill to the car I found this juxtaposition, the barbwire boundary of the property nicely completing the scene. As always, when I’m out in this country, I can’t help but think of the former residents as I wander among ghosts from the past. I feel a deep respect as I walk lightly around the property and ponder for a moment, in reverence, the lives of those who’ve walked this way before me. Thanks for looking. G

Stone House San Luis Valley

Rio Grande Tree, Southern Colorado

Rio Grande tree, southern Colorado. Slightly south of the Lobatos Bridge crossing the Rio Grande, is this old cottonwood tree, a sentinel, surrounded by exposed fractured basalt cliffs along the sides of the river where the gorge begins. The river is frozen in the shadows of the cliffs, though not yet frozen enough to skate or cross country ski on this year! Last week the ice on the embankments was constantly thunder cracking, echoing off the underside off the old steel girder bridge. Thanks for looking. G

Rio Grande tree southern colorado

Morning At Ute Mountain

Morning at Ute Mountain in the Taos Volcanic Field (Plateau). On a photo tour last week we watched the sun rise over the Sangre de Cristos and light up the Rio Grande Gorge. As the sun rose, the shadows retreated across the plateau and revealed the dome of Ute Mountain rising some 3000 feet above the floor of the San Luis Valley in the Volcanic Field. The extinct volcano is an extraordinary feature of the northern New Mexico and southern Colorado landscape and features in a number of my photographs of the area. This day was no exception. It is one of my favorite places to visit. Thanks for looking. G

Morning At Ute Mountain