Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Road G, in Southern Colorado. One of my favorite roads, not only as it’s my initial ‘G’, but because it was the road that carried me to the San Luis Valley for the first time in 1990. From Wild Horse Mesa in the east, I could look southwest to Ute Mountain, west to the Rio Grande and north through the valley to the 14,000 foot snowy peaks. And beyond, as far as the eyes could see! My parents were with me on that first trip. Every time I head into this area I carry a little part of them with me on my initial road! Thanks for looking. G

Road G, in Southern Colorado.

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  1. Hi saw Tom Jones on the telly last night with a sketch of the street where he was born it reminded me of the tales your dad used to share especially in his writing about the Ronda. No one could take Wales out of your mum and dad it was a special part of two special people. I was privileged to know for a short time. Thankyou for the tentative connection.


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