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Sandhill Cranes, In Flight, Monte Vista NWR

Sandhill Cranes in flight at the Monte Vista NWR, Colorado. It’s always fun to make the two hour drive from Taos to Monte Vista. The National Wildlife Refuge is just south of the town of Monte Vista in the eastern San Luis Valley. There is plenty to see on the drive there and thousands of Sandhill Cranes are the payoff in the NWR at the end of the journey. That said … if we are lucky…  the sunset on the Sangre de Cristo mountains on the drive home really makes for a spectacular finish to a day of photography. The Sandhill Cranes will be flying through there again in early March. That’s when we’ll make another trip north to spend time with them. Thanks for looking.

Sandhill Cranes at the Monte Vista NWR, Colorado.

Sandhill Cranes Monte Vista NWR

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  1. We get Sandhills along the mountains about an hour and a half west of here, but they’re hard to find. Sometimes we get lucky, but more often we don’t. Beautiful birds, and always the highlight of a road trip if we happen to see them.


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