Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: January 2018

Perigee, Blue Moon, Eclipse

Perigee, Blue Moon, Eclipse. The view from Arroyo Hondo, across the Volcanic Plateau in northern New Mexico this morning. I know the plateau is void in this image but as the sky lightened slightly the faint outline of extinct and dormant volcanoes added to the continuum of this ancient happening. Thanks for looking. G

Perigee, Blue Moon, Eclipse

Super Moon Rise Over Taos Mountain

Super Moon rise over Taos Mountain northern New Mexico. I’m off to bed in order to rise and shine early for the full moon eclipse. Thanks for looking. G

Super Moon Rise Over Taos Mountain

Red Canoe Arroyo Hondo

Red Canoe, on the winter pond in Arroyo Hondo. A beautiful warm sunny day in this corner of the planet today. Started out at 19 degrees fahrenheit and climbed to 56 degrees fahrenheit by mid afternoon… at the end of January. Too warm for a jacket. I thought this canoe warmed up this scene, I drive by a few times each week, very nicely. Thanks for looking. G

Red Canoe Arroyo Hondo

Dennis’s Tree, Light Under Dark Skies

Dennis’s tree, light under dark skies, in the San Cristobal Valley, northern New Mexico. Watching this tree over the years, reflect the evening light and changes in seasons in the valley brings to mind, in some small way, what Monet might have experienced painting his haystack series. Thanks for looking. G

Dennis's Tree, Light Under Dark Skies

Wall Abstract Downtown Taos

Random wall abstract design downtown Taos, NM. When we take the occasional stroll around town I’ll make a random image with the iphone. The graffiti paint on the buttress creating a loose grid pattern, caught my eye for this random abstract. Thanks for looking. G

Wall Downtown Taos

The Red Barn Waiting Out Winter, Colorado

The ‘Red Barn’ waiting out winter, in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Ok, back to winter. This barn is a favorite location. It’s deteriorating and I’ll miss it when it’s gone. For now, until that moment, I’ll visit as often as I can. So much of the old and authentic is vanishing. I feel this barn is a reminder and metaphor of a life well lived, until the last piece of siding and roof is carried off in a wild winter wind, the wildlife moves on to other shelter, and the studs and joists, the bones of the old barn, lay down and finally succumb to the elements. For what it’s worth, as much as I’ll miss this place, it thrills me, in such a way, that I relish the thought of a life well lived, weather beaten and worn out and fulfilled to the end. Thanks as always for looking. G

The Red Barn Waiting Out Winter, Colorado

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Piedra Lumbre (Shining Rock), Abiquiu, NM

Piedra Lumbre (Shining Rock), Ghost Ranch in Georgia O’Keeffe country Abiquiu, NM. I thought I would migrate from images of the snow last week to the red rocks of Ghost Ranch area. Sometimes an image with red rocks and blue skies can warm body and soul. That said I can’t wait for the next snow storm. The land could sure use it! But for now, warm bones and body in the sun feels very good. Thanks for looking. G

Piedra Lumbre (Shinning Rock), Abiquiu, NM

Winter Photo Tours And Workshops

Winter photo tours and workshops in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. If you enjoy the pristine beauty of a snow filled landscape, the solitude of homesteads and farms, uninhabited places from long ago, join me on a one day photo tour or multi day workshop.

Winter photo tours and workshops

The above image was made on a photo tour last week. Of course we can’t always guarantee snow but the quiet beauty of this area, with it’s abandoned farms and relics is like taking a trip into the past. I look forward to working with you. G

Rio Grande Winter, Southern Colorado

Rio Grande ice and red willows, southern Colorado. Winter is here, where the Rio Grande Gorge begins. When I come across a pristine scene like this and the snow is beginning to fall, the river ice is expanding daily and the red willows are glowing on the river banks … well I just want to shout … “welcome winter. it’s about time.” It’s been a while since we saw temperatures of anything near what they should be at this time of year. Well, they are here now! Thanks for looking. G

Rio Grande Ice southern Colorado

Snow, Sunflower Sunset, San Cristobal

Snow, Sunflower Sunset, San Cristobal, New Mexico. The snow was still falling, the sun bust out through a momentary gap in the clouds. The light in the valley turned into these beautiful peach tones. And like I said a couple of days ago “the San Cristobal Valley melted under a glowing sunset, through the falling snow.” This was it. Thanks for looking. G

Snow, Sunflower Sunset