The Red Barn Waiting Out Winter, Colorado

The ‘Red Barn’ waiting out winter, in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Ok, back to winter. This barn is a favorite location. It’s deteriorating and I’ll miss it when it’s gone. For now, until that moment, I’ll visit as often as I can. So much of the old and authentic is vanishing. I feel this barn is a reminder and metaphor of a life well lived, until the last piece of siding and roof is carried off in a wild winter wind, the wildlife moves on to other shelter, and the studs and joists, the bones of the old barn, lay down and finally succumb to the elements. For what it’s worth, as much as I’ll miss this place, it thrills me, in such a way, that I relish the thought of a life well lived, weather beaten and worn out and fulfilled to the end. Thanks as always for looking. G

The Red Barn Waiting Out Winter, Colorado

Red Barn

6 thoughts on “The Red Barn Waiting Out Winter, Colorado

  1. This photograph, and your comments about the old barn, moved me nearly to tears this morning. Thanks for reminding me to pay attention.

    1. Thank you Ann. It certainly moved me when standing there in the pristine snowfall and contemplating its current state of deterioration. Thanks for looking and taking the time to write. G

  2. Yes so much of the authentic is being relegated to the History and memories of
    Locusts have no sense of Sanctity

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