Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: April 2020

Miami, New Mexico, the Plains

Miami, New Mexico, out “Where the Rockies meet the Plains.” I’m standing a little further east of there. Here on the plains I can see the Rockies, with miles of flat land to the east, punctuated with old volcanoes, stubby hills and rolling thunderstorms. This is another of my favorite areas for making favorite images like this one. You can tell which way the wind blows out here in Miami. Thanks for looking. G

Miami, New Mexico, out "Where the Rockies meet the Plains."

Road G, Southern Colorado

Road G, in Southern Colorado. One of my favorite roads, not only as it’s my initial ‘G’, but because it was the road that carried me to the San Luis Valley for the first time in 1990. From Wild Horse Mesa in the east, I could look southwest to Ute Mountain, west to the Rio Grande and north through the valley to the 14,000 foot snowy peaks. And beyond, as far as the eyes could see! My parents were with me on that first trip. Every time I head into this area I carry a little part of them with me on my initial road! Thanks for looking. G

Road G, in Southern Colorado.

Swainson’s Hawk In Flight, Colorado

Swainson’s Hawk in flight, Colorado. I know where they live and nest, but the uncanny scrutiny this male is giving me suggests he knows where I live. Although… I’m pretty sure he could see himself clearly in the large front element on my lens. Thanks for looking. G

Swainson's Hawk in flight, Colorado.

Nesting, Swainson’s Hawk, San Luis Valley

Nesting, Swainson’s Hawk, in the San Luis Valley, southern Colorado, from a few years ago now. I still head to this location but the nest and the tree are long gone. It feels much more remote than it used to without this tree. This was the only time I saw a hawk nesting here. I know that raptors abandon nests for the parasites to die off, only to return to it in another season. So it was wonderful when my friend Mark Collins and I spotted it occupied by this Swainson’s Hawk after a number of years. Stay safe and well in your nest. Thanks for looking. G

Nesting, Swainson's Hawk, San Luis Valley

Horses, Together, Apart, New Mexico

Horses, together, apart, at the Colorado state line in northern New Mexico. This has nothing to do with the social distancing that we’ve become so abruptly used to. This old pony with the dreadlocks stank to high heaven. His fellow companions in the pasture seemed to be aware of it too. Space is a beautiful thing. Thanks for looking. G

Horses, apart, together, New Mexico

Tree, Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument

Tree in the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument an area within the Taos Plateau volcanic field. It is an exceptional area and perfect right now if you want to roam alone. From here you can see a hundred miles north to the snow capped peaks of the Rocky mountains in Colorado. If you prefer solitude to crowds this is the place to be. As you may have gathered distancing here is easy. Check out this link for more info on this area. Thanks for looking. G

Tree, Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument

Sunset Cloud, Taos Mountain

Sunset cloud, Taos Mountain. So, here’s the image that followed yesterday’s picture, ending that day. Had I thought about it I could have added them sequentially. But… I was diving in too deep when I should have been paddling around the edge of the pool. It’s a subtle image, I know, that is what I like about our mountain, it has many personas determined by the light, and as you know, we have the light here in New Mexico. Stay well, and I’ll see you tomorrow from somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Thanks for looking. G

Sunset Cloud, Taos Mountain

Taos Mountain, Sunset, Trees

Taos Mountain sunset, through the trees in El Prado, NM. Well.. it’s fun digging further into the archives only to find an image taken shortly after the image I just posted on April 10, two days ago. Stay tuned and I’ll post the final image from that evening shoot tomorrow. Thanks for looking. G

Taos Mountain, Sunset, Trees

Feather, Casa Rinconada, Chaco Canyon

Feather, Casa Rinconada, Chaco Canyon. When I caught sight of the feather it was tumbling along through the sage and other sundry brush around the great kiva at Casa Rinconada. In a lull in the wind, it settled on a sage bush. I picked it up and held it so the sun back lighted it. I made a few images, as it continued to flutter in the breeze, before casting it back in the air and the will of the wind. Thanks for looking. G

Feather, Casa Rinconada, Chaco Canyon.