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Swainson’s Hawk In Flight, Colorado

Swainson’s Hawk in flight, Colorado. I know where they live and nest, but the uncanny scrutiny this male is giving me suggests he knows where I live. Although… I’m pretty sure he could see himself clearly in the large front element on my lens. Thanks for looking. G

Swainson's Hawk in flight, Colorado.

6 thoughts on “Swainson’s Hawk In Flight, Colorado”

  1. I suspect he is doing his best to make sure that you don’t know where Mama and the babies are – which is different from your knowing where they are. Stunning shot – such a beautiful bird – since moving here I’ve come to think that they are much ‘prettier’ than red tails.

    • They appear more precise to me than red-tailed hawks, and in quite an abundance around southern Colorado. Thanks Chris. I hope you are well. G


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