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Horses, Together, Apart, New Mexico

Horses, together, apart, at the Colorado state line in northern New Mexico. This has nothing to do with the social distancing that we’ve become so abruptly used to. This old pony with the dreadlocks stank to high heaven. His fellow companions in the pasture seemed to be aware of it too. Space is a beautiful thing. Thanks for looking. G

Horses, apart, together, New Mexico

14 thoughts on “Horses, Together, Apart, New Mexico”

      • Great composition. Does look a little forlorn but then who knows his history. Reminds me of some of those homeless in Leeds. I am grateful to have a home to look out on the world from.

        • Sad that there are so many homeless. This guy wasn’t homeless, he had an enclosure with a few other horses. He was just a little grungy! Thanks Alison. G

  1. I think he’s annoyed that you’re taking his photo without offering any alfalfa pellets or oats. By the way if all you had to eat was grease weed and rabbit bush you’d smell too.

    • Ha ha! He’s actually a very sweet horse and we usually feed the horses fresh grass from along the hedgerows. He probably got an apple the first time we saw him a year or so earlier. Thanks Mark. G


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