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Fall Capture, Remnants, Baca Park, Taos

Fall capture, and remnants of color in Baca Park, Taos. There’s still color around, sometimes glowing in the early morning light or muted at days end in the early evening shadows. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving day. Thanks for looking. G

Fall Capture, Remnants, Baca Park, Taos

Remnants Of Summer, San Cristobal

Remnants of Summer, San Cristobal. The Yerba de la Negrita plants were abundant here in our field, around Taos County and throughout northern New Mexico this summer. I made this composition in the field as it passed through fall blending into the desiccating throes of winter. Thanks for looking. G

Remnants of Summer, San Cristobal.

Remnants Of Authenticity #2

Remnants Of Authenticity #2 Guadalupita, New Mexico. Sometimes I come across a building and everything about it says authentic. In this case, tin roof and shadows, puttied in glass in the window frames and my guess is… a gas flue or perhaps a wood stove pipe not to code. New Mexico has no end of wonderful architectural details. The simplicity of this home intrigued and inspired me. Here’s another image from October. Thanks for looking. G

Remnants Of Authenticity #2

Remnants Of Authenticity #1

Remnants Of Authenticity #1. For the past 12 years I’ve been collecting images of architecture and building details, sometimes whole buildings in decay, more often than not, the tenuous details moments before it’s ultimate demise. So many of the buildings I’ve photographed have expired or are transitioning to rubble. Soon the old adobes will be interred from whence they came. A slightly raised mound, with scattered timbers will remain, as a reminder when the earth has reincarnated all the other elements. “Ashes to ashes dust to dust” … there’s a lot of coming and going in New Mexico! Stay tuned for more images. Thanks for looking. G


Monsoon Rains, Fog, Rainbow, August 3, 2022

Greetings from San Cristobal and northern New Mexico, where the monsoon rains are abundant this year.

The monsoon season started early this season, and the forecast is for it to last through August. With a touch of shameless self-promotion, I can honestly say, now is the time to sign up for a photo tour/workshop.

Monsoon rains, northern New Mexico
Monsoon rains, over the Sangre de Cristo mountains, northern New Mexico.

I made a drive on a local backroad yesterday, and a pleasant drive it was. I shot some pictures of the dead and standing trees on the hillsides. The trees are remnants of the Hondo Fire that burned the area in May 1996. It’s a place of great solitude for me and a different kind of stark beauty. Despite the fire, the hillsides look very lush and green

Tree in fog, Lama NM
Tree in shrouded in fog, Lama NM

And a rainbow this week from our field in San Cristobal, NM, is my favorite view of rainbows, second only to Taos Mountain. I only have to step outside the door and look. Things got a little wet after this moment.

Rainbow San Cristobal NM
Rainbow from our field, San Cristobal, NM

As always, thank you for looking. Have a great week. G

Potato Bunker, San Luis Valley

Potato Bunker, San Luis Valley. Fascinated with these abandoned utilities from a bygone era, I keep returning to spend time amongst the ghosts that inhabit it. A place where the ghosts are stirred only by the wind, an occasional barn owl, the coyote that lives in the den in the corner, and all wrapped up in moments of sheer silence. Cattle tend to frequent other ruins in the area where the roofs are intact. In this place, at some point in time, someone moved in some easy chairs, a sofa and school chairs. The valley is full of rustic remnants from the past, like this one, many collapsing in on themselves. If this is the kind of subject matter that interests you, join me on a photo tour/workshop. These old buildings also happen to be set in some of the most beautiful landscape in the region.  Thanks for looking. G

Potato Bunker, San Luis Valley

Building Marked From Drive By Gunshot.

Building marked from drive by gunshot blasts in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. Remnants of a gas stop on Colorado Highway 139. I feel sure it thrived for sometime. Now it’s a target for folks to direct their gunsights on as they pass the location that once provided a livelihood for a family or two. Thanks for looking. G

Building marked from drive by gunshot

Alamosa Railyards, Colorado

Ghostly drapes on the “Minnesota Zephyr, Stillwater Carriage” in the Alamosa Railyards, Colorado. It is eerie to walk between the carriages and see the remnants from a bygone era. I can imagine the travelers on the train looking out the windows as the scenery went by, their eyes full of wonder, where ever they were heading. Here are more details on the train from Wikipedia. Thanks for looking. G


Taos Art Museum At Fechin House Photography Exhibit

“Out and About” Photography Exhibit In The Fechin Studio, Taos Art Museum at Fechin House.

If you are in Taos from now through the end of April 2018 please visit the Taos Art Museum at Fechin House. I am honored to have two dozen pieces hanging in this solo exhibit entitled “Out And About” in the beautiful Fechin Studio. Reception Saturday March 10, 4 – 6pm  Click here for more information

Located at Taos Art Museum at Fechin House – 227 Paseo del Pueblo Norte, Taos, New Mexico 87571

Remnants of authenticity

New Work. “Remnants”


From the Taos Art Museum FaceBook page …. 

The Fechin Studio is proud to present the photographs of Geraint Smith, hanging now through April. The exhibition, entitled “Out and About”, showcases Geraint’s ability to capture the iconic images of Northern Mexico and Southern Colorado.

Geraint quotes Dewitt Jones, “The banquet is spread constantly, with no thought of whether anyone will attend. If I were receptive enough, perhaps I would see it in everything. But I’m not, so photography is one of the tools I use to help me concentrate, to help me see deeply, to block out all that is extraneous and see that which is essential.”


Truchas Adobe Home

Truchas adobe home on the high road to Taos in northern New Mexico. One more in the “remnants of authenticity” series. Nothing that says New Mexico like exposed adobe and a tin roof. Thanks for looking. G

Truchas Adobe home