Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Remnants Of Authenticity #2 Guadalupita, New Mexico. Sometimes I come across a building and everything about it says authentic. In this case, tin roof and shadows, puttied in glass in the window frames and my guess is… a gas flue or perhaps a wood stove pipe not to code. New Mexico has no end of wonderful architectural details. The simplicity of this home intrigued and inspired me. Here’s another image from October. Thanks for looking. G

Remnants Of Authenticity #2

2 thoughts on “Remnants Of Authenticity #2”

  1. Geraint, I truly understand your love for the old buildings. What stories they could tell! At least the dry climate of the southwest preserves them for centuries. Here in the Midwest we’ve lost most of our pre-modern architecture (magnificent barns and homesteads) to development and the ravages of our weather extremes.

    Great news! I’m planning a one-month self-directed artist retreat later this spring. Have a great place already booked for me to stay. And I’d be honored for you to show me Abiquiu.

    Will contact you soon to reserve a date for the tour. Can’t wait!


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