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Monsoon Rains, Fog, Rainbow, August 3, 2022

Greetings from San Cristobal and northern New Mexico, where the monsoon rains are abundant this year.

The monsoon season started early this season, and the forecast is for it to last through August. With a touch of shameless self-promotion, I can honestly say, now is the time to sign up for a photo tour/workshop.

Monsoon rains, northern New Mexico
Monsoon rains, over the Sangre de Cristo mountains, northern New Mexico.

I made a drive on a local backroad yesterday, and a pleasant drive it was. I shot some pictures of the dead and standing trees on the hillsides. The trees are remnants of the Hondo Fire that burned the area in May 1996. It’s a place of great solitude for me and a different kind of stark beauty. Despite the fire, the hillsides look very lush and green

Tree in fog, Lama NM
Tree in shrouded in fog, Lama NM

And a rainbow this week from our field in San Cristobal, NM, is my favorite view of rainbows, second only to Taos Mountain. I only have to step outside the door and look. Things got a little wet after this moment.

Rainbow San Cristobal NM
Rainbow from our field, San Cristobal, NM

As always, thank you for looking. Have a great week. G

28 thoughts on “Monsoon Rains, Fog, Rainbow, August 3, 2022”

    • Thank you, Alison. I appreciate your compliments and comments. I’m happy to share this place I now call home. I’m glad you enjoy my work. G

  1. Damn Geraint, I live in and share the same beauty as you and still your photographs never cease to amaze…grateful For your eye and your effort!

    • Thank you, John for your kind words and compliments on my work. We must meet up again soon. Have you been back to Kansas? G

  2. Wow, Beautiful! Love rainbows and monsoon season. Missing Taos this summer, plan to return soon. Look forward to another photo tour!

    • Thank you, Susie. You know this place well. I’m sure you miss it when you don’t get to visit. So I’ll see you next summer if it works out. G

  3. Just share these fleeting moments in time, frozen for our pleasure! Thank you…brings me back to NM every time 💙

    • It’s been happening frequently this summer. With the miles of distant views here we can watch it coming and going over and over in all directions. Thank you, Jim. I hope you are well. G


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