Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Window Dressing, Raton, New Mexico

Window dressing in Raton, New Mexico. Paper hanging in the windows had absorbed moisture and become sun scorched over time. I changed the color for aesthetic to this blue patina from the cigarette smoke stained actual color. I’ve added a shot of the whole window below. There were lots of compositions, it was hard to choose. I liked this one with the rippling shadows on the buckled paper caused by clear packing tape attached to the window glass. Thanks for looking. G

Window dressing in Raton, New Mexico.


Window dressing in Raton, New Mexico.

2 thoughts on “Window Dressing, Raton, New Mexico”

  1. Even the clouds reflected in the window add to the view.
    Like the blue tape line a bit like a slug trail.
    Natures art Thankyou for capturing it.


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