San Antonio Church, Valdez, New Mexico

San Antonio Church, Valdez, New Mexico. Back to gorgeous skies and quintessential New Mexico scenes. The little village (would be more of a hamlet in Britain), and the church of San Antonio, nestled in the valley along the banks of the Rio Hondo. So much subject matter here in this area lends itself to black and white photography. Thanks for looking. G

San Antonio Church, Valdez, New Mexico

Laguna Pueblo, Mission Church, New Mexico

Laguna Pueblo, Saint Joseph’s Mission Church, New Mexico. Delving deeper into my black and white images I came across this photo of the church at the Laguna Pueblo. It really lends itself to black and white photography. Traveling around New Mexico one encounters an abundance of mission churches, they are hard to miss and are an integral part of New Mexico’s past. Many of these structures make great subject matter. Join me when things calm down and I’ll show them to you. Thanks for looking. G

Laguna Pueblo, Saint Joseph's Mission Church, New Mexico

High Road To Taos, Black And White Day

High Road to Taos with R David Marks yesterday. Black and White is rubbing off on me on this day out on the High Road to Taos, in the mountains of northern New Mexico. It was a good day, lighting wise to make black and white images and in good company. Thanks for looking. G

Morada Cross, Truchas
A cross at the Penitente Morada in Truchas, a town on the High Road to Taos, northern NM


Ruby's Garage Truchas
Ruby’s Garage from the movie, Milagro Bean Field War, by author John Nichols, filmed in Truchas, NM


Om Shanti bus
“Om Shanti”, Wavy Gravy’s bus, parked in a field near Truchas, NM


Dormer windows and solitary cloud
Dormer windows and solitary cloud, Llano de San Juan, NM


Horse and dormer windows
Horse head and mane with dormer windows, steel roof and mountain clouds, Llano de San Juan, on the High Road to Taos


Horse on the high road to Taos
Horse in the shade of the portal in Llano de San Juan on the High Road to Taos


Serpentine roof line
Serpentine roof line on a building (possibly a Morada) in Llano de San Juan, NM


Las Trampas church
Church of Santo Tomas, (San Jose de Gracia de Las Trampas) Las Trampas, NM, on the High Road to Taos.


San Luis Valley, Red Barn, Black And White

San Luis Valley, the red barn in black and white with a magnificent sky. Another great day out today, in and around the SLV (as it’s known locally), shooting video for a future project. I’ll let you know how it turns out. When it is done you’ll see it here. Thank you as always for checking in, looking and for all the comments and compliments. G

San Luis Valley, Red Barn, Black and White

Ute Mountain, Cattle Hay Trough

Ute Mountain and a hay trough, with no cattle. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen cattle at this dispenser. It’s been here for a long time and I pass it often. It sits here somewhat lonely, forlorn looking. I’ve never stopped to photograph it, but on this day, what with the clouds, sky and all, I pulled over. I watched the shadows pass across the fields and over Ute Mountain, highlighting the feeder, dwarfed by the big sky. Black and white seemed like a good idea. Thanks for looking. G

Ute Mountain and a hay trough, no cattle.

Yellowstone Elk, Flashback 2005

Yellowstone Elk. Flashback to a trip in late September 2005 to Yellowstone National Park. I made numerous trips to Yellowstone when my children were perhaps too young to appreciate most of the reasons to go to Yellowstone. We all went anyway. In 2005 when they were older and I felt they would enjoy it more, I took them out of school and we went on a twelve day adventure. We travelled through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah, then back through northern New Mexico. We saw so much wildlife and birds, hugely varying landscapes, ancient ruins, dinosaur relics, and crossed many rivers and streams. I can only hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I did, taking them there. I particularly like this image of an elk as it was the kids who did the wildlife spotting and I remember the moment when they called out this one. Thanks for looking and for indulging me a reflective moment. G

Yellowstone Elk, Flashback 2005

Portrait Of A Friend, Stanley Rawlings

Portrait of a friend, Stanley Rawlings, Derbyshire, England 1982. I recently came across this image that I made of my old friend. In the mid to late seventies this man taught me the techniques of black and white photography. He and I built a darkroom in his basement’s former coal cellar. I spent many an evening down there developing negatives and making prints, often ending the night drinking Stan’s homemade elderberry, nettle, or dandelion wine. I still refer to it as “Chateau Stanley.” Stan taught me how to see, and how to apply my vision to photography. Stanley drove a twin carb, Triumph Dolomite, far too much horse power for him. That said, he piloted us on many occasions, around the Yorkshire Dales, the moors, the coast and beyond. At the time I was using a Russian made Zorki camera. Shortly after that I graduated to a Canon AT1. This portrait of Stan was made on a pre WWll Rollei, Twin Lens Reflex, that spent more time in the repair shop than it did making images. I’m glad I got to use it on this photo of Stan. He’d be proud, as I am of him. Thanks for looking. G

Portrait of a friend, Stanley Rawlings, Derbyshire, England 1982.

Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Ghost Ranch, the landscape of Georgia O’Keeffe Abiquiu, New Mexico. I never ever tire of this view. If it looks familiar that’s because it has be seen in many movies. A few of the movies are “City Slickers” (the first one) along with “Silvarado” and the remake of “The Magnificent Seven” which wasn’t as magnificent as the original. Thanks for looking. G

Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Church Yard, Grave Marker, New Mexico

Church yard, grave marker, Las Trampas, on the High Road to Taos, New Mexico. I made this toned black and white from an older color image. I like the way the brightness of the high desert light reflected off the ground on to the ornate, filigree design of the cross with the rim light setting off the edges of the stone. Those two little clouds caught my attention as I laid on the ground in the old church yard. Thanks for looking. G

Las Trampas Church, New Mexico

Classic Auto, Fort Garland Colorado

Classic Auto, Highway 160, Fort Garland, Colorado. Ok … my good friend makes a best assessment, a 1939 something. I’ve looked online for some ideas alas, to no avail, so I’m open to any and all suggestions. I made this shot from the highway as I drove past so didn’t stop to ask. I thought it would be an easy task to find out through the internet. I’ll be there again next week should there still be a question. Thanks for looking. G

Classic Auto, Fort Garland Colorado

Forest Road In The Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Forest road in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of northern New Mexico. Walking around this grove I saw whole epistles carved into the tree trunks. Someone’s undying this or that. Pledges for life. Who loves who and on what date. Except the trees, they have to wear this brand for a long time until the words expand into scars no longer decipherable as any language. I wonder how many trees will outlive the relationships professed to here in the woods. Thanks for looking. G

Forest Road In The Sangre de Cristo Mountains