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Laguna Pueblo, Mission Church, New Mexico

Laguna Pueblo, Saint Joseph’s Mission Church, New Mexico. Delving deeper into my black and white images I came across this photo of the church at the Laguna Pueblo. It really lends itself to black and white photography. Traveling around New Mexico one encounters an abundance of mission churches, they are hard to miss and are an integral part of New Mexico’s past. Many of these structures make great subject matter. Join me when things calm down and I’ll show them to you. Thanks for looking. G

Laguna Pueblo, Saint Joseph's Mission Church, New Mexico

8 thoughts on “Laguna Pueblo, Mission Church, New Mexico”

    • Didn’t you Bob and me stop there. I think so. If not … next time. As there wasn’t a cloud in sight… that bit was easy. Thanks for the compliments Ron. G

  1. I’m really loving all the Adobe churches! They each have their own character, which makes them even more unique. Would like to see Picuris to added to series-and even though my progress is slow, my own adobe church paper model series is slowly taking shape.
    And of course, per Geraint, Las Trampas will be among them!
    Great work!

    • Thanks Eric. I look forward to seeing the results of you hard work and art. I have some images of Picuris I’ll share soon. G

  2. Geraint, this is one of the most interesting mission church images I have seen. It is really something to see how many crosses you were able to line up in this photograph!

    • I really appreciate that Mark. There are a couple more crosses on the doors. Have you been there. I hope you and Susan are well. Thank you Mark. G


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