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Cerro Pedernal Vignette, Abiquiu Lake

Cerro Pedernal vignette through the rocks at Abiquiu Lake. Spent an hour here last week working on this study. Looking forward to making more images from this location. Thanks for looking. G

Cerro Pedernal Vignette

Cerro Pedernal, Abiquiu Lake

Cerro Pedernal (Georgia O’Keeffe’s mountain) through the rock pools at Abiquiu Lake. Always on the look out for new views everywhere… putting the camera on the ground reveals a composition I hadn’t discovered before. I like to look at the creations of painters and sculptors as my main inspiration. Perhaps I’ll take up painting one day soon… the studio is already full with pieces of sculpture. I’m very fortunate to be continually connected, daily, to the natural environment. I am nature! Thanks for looking. G

Cerro Pedernal, Abiquiu Lake

Desert Monastery Road Abiquiu, NM

Desert Monastery Road Abiquiu, NM. A scene on the road to Christ in the Desert Monastery with a view to Cerro Pedernal, Georgia O’Keeffe’s mountain. Going through the archives again I pulled this one from 2005. I like the feeling of solitude and space. The tree is no longer there and the road has been graded and improved much since then. One thing hasn’t changed. It’s still a great, off the beaten path, road trip. Thanks for looking. G


Crescent Moon Set Over Cerro Pedernal

Crescent moon set over Cerro Pedernal near Abiquiu, New Mexico. I made this image from the foothills south of Taos. It’s a view I’ve enjoyed many times, though the crescent moon isn’t always present. Without the moon it is still a stunning vista. Cerro Pedernal, is also Spanish for “Flint Hill”, and, as it is known locally … “Georgia O’Keeffe’s Mountain.” Apparently god told Georgia that if she painted the mountain often enough it would become her mountain, or something to that effect. For me it is a peak where native people harvested flint for their tips and points, and a sight that can be seen prominently from many locations around northern New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G

Crescent Moon set over Cerro Pedernal

Cerro Pedernal Sunset

Cerro Pedernal Sunset, from the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Taos, NM. Cerro Pedernal has possibly been photographed and painted, more than any other feature of the southwest landscape. Since “god” told Georgia O’Keeffe that it would become her mountain if she painted it enough, the peak, also known for the flint used in native tools, took on it’s own celebrity. The ‘peak’ can be seen, prominently, from many locations around northern New Mexico. When I am in Abiquiu, I can see the location where I made this image. Georgia O’Keeffe had the same view but I haven’t seen a painting of it! Here is a view from the Morada in Abiquiu across the plateau to Taos Mountain.Cerro Pedernal sunset from taos new mexico