Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Cerro Pedernal Vignette, Abiquiu Lake

Cerro Pedernal vignette through the rocks at Abiquiu Lake. Spent an hour here last week working on this study. Looking forward to making more images from this location. Thanks for looking. G

Cerro Pedernal Vignette

4 thoughts on “Cerro Pedernal Vignette, Abiquiu Lake”

  1. If “Only Rock Formations could Speak” (foreground). Perfect viewpoint with Abiquiu Lake, plus the Cerro Pedernal looming in the background. Will look forward to more images from this Exceptional area. Thanks again for experiencing your Personal Journeys, Geraint.

    • Well they may “speak” there are some petroglyphs of hands overhead. I’ll post that one soon. Thank you Ronald. G


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