Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Cerro Pedernal (Georgia O’Keeffe’s mountain) through the rock pools at Abiquiu Lake. Always on the look out for new views everywhere… putting the camera on the ground reveals a composition I hadn’t discovered before. I like to look at the creations of painters and sculptors as my main inspiration. Perhaps I’ll take up painting one day soon… the studio is already full with pieces of sculpture. I’m very fortunate to be continually connected, daily, to the natural environment. I am nature! Thanks for looking. G

Cerro Pedernal, Abiquiu Lake

10 thoughts on “Cerro Pedernal, Abiquiu Lake”

  1. I hope you WILL take up painting, Geraint. Have you ever painted before? Take a day off and come paint “plein air” with me when I’m in Taos. You can use my paints and brushes,
    If you don’t have any yet.

    Anyway, you’d never lack for subject material and inspiration!

  2. You share the wonder of nature, you are wonder full. Thank you so much for your photographic genius & the heart that clicks the image.


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