Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

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Taos Mountain, Meadow, Wild Cloud

Taos Mountain, meadow, wild cloud. I can’t resist pulling over at this location and I feel sure you recognize the view. In this instance the cloud formed very quickly and blew away on the breeze in but a moment. I had just time enough to pull over and take two photos to stitch into this panorama. Thanks for looking. G

Taos Mountain, Meadow, Wild Cloud

Lone Tree Sunset, Reflections, VW Bus

Lone tree sunset, reflections with VW Bus, Taos, NM. Dipping in to the archives again today. Throwing out more than I’m saving by the time I’m through. So, I thought this one was a save. I’ve photographed this tree many times over the last three and a half decades. It has finally succumbed to more than one element, namely a chainsaw. It was always the first tree to leaf out in spring and the last to lose it’s leaves well into fall. It will probably stand there, on the side of the road until it rots and bows out. The locals call it the “welcoming tree“. I like the bus in there ,although the vehicle is interchangeable, the tree is not. Thanks for looking. G

Lone tree sunset VW Bus

Cottonwood Shadows, Taos Mountain

Cottonwood shadows, Taos Mountain, from El Prado, NM. Another stop on the way home from the grocery store in Taos. These fields, whether winter, spring, summer, or fall, isolate and enhance our beautiful Taos Mountain. Taking time out to watch the shadows lengthen and reach out towards the mountains, draw me closer to the source of energy we sense in the valley. Thanks for looking. G

Shadows With Taos Mountain

Cottonwood Crows, San Cristobal

Cottonwood Crows. Every morning the Crows gather in the Cottonwood tree in San Cristobal NM. The crow on the right seems to be saying “Honey, I’m home!” after the graveyard shift. There are many characters among the crows in the cottonwood. I look forward to each morning when their personalities shine. Thanks for looking. G

Cottonwood Crows, San Cristobal

Cottonwood, Red Willows, Mountain Snow

Cottonwood, red willows and mountain snows, the latter making for a good start to winter. The earth and sky inseparable. The cottonwood leaves, touched by the breeze, grace the ground and gild the red willows, that line the acequia, like ornaments. In spring the ancient irrigation channels will deliver the snow melt, rushing from the mountains, to the fields and trees in the valley. As winter takes a deeper hold, the pace slows, the days grow shorter and life retreats within, for what the Irish writer John O’Donohue refers to as “spring secretly at work within the heart of winter” of restoration and rejuvenation. Thanks for looking. G


Magpie Moon, San Cristobal, NM

Magpie moon, in the cottonwood tree San Cristobal, NM. The moon rose crystal clear over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in northern New Mexico as our resident Magpie mimicked my calls seemingly oblivious of the splendor around us. Further south, the moon rose shrouded in clouds of fire smoke. It set this morning, around 4:30am resembling a blood orange through the thick smoke that settled across the valley. As always thanks for looking. G

Magpie Moon, San Cristobal, NM

Spring, Lime Creek, Valley Of The Gods, Utah

Spring cottonwood trees, in Lime Creek, Valley Of The Gods, Utah. I love the red rocks and lush foliage of the cottonwood trees. It was quite lush in most of the places we visited earlier this month in the four corners. Thanks for looking. G

Lime Creek, Valley Of The Gods, Utah

Cottonwoods, Red Willows And A Vulture

Cottonwoods, red willows and a vulture in Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico. After I made images in the valley yesterday, I headed home. Cresting the hill, above the valley I had another view looking back at this cozy little scene which was graced, momentarily, by a Turkey Vulture. As the sun goes down the Turkey Vultures head to a communal roost in large cottonwoods. There is a group who spend the summer in a tree on Kit Carson Road in downtown Taos. Links below. Thanks for looking. G

Cottonwoods, Red Willows And A Vulture

Under the Cottonwoods, Abiquiu, NM

Under the cottonwoods, Abiquiu, NM. This International truck has been parked in this location for a number of years. Drove by there on a photo tour last week and it was gone, possibly sold. I made this image on a photo tour in February. I superimposed three images from that location to get this look, the truck overlaid in a shot of its own rust and patina and a third of the trees above. Thanks for looking. G

Under the Cottonwoods, Abiquiu, NM

Size and Price

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International Truck, Abiquiu, NM

International truck, under the cottonwoods and in the shadow of Cerrito Blanco, Abiquiu, New Mexico. It’s been for sale for quite some time now. I’ve been on many photo tours out there in the last year watching its demise. It is deteriorating fast and going to ground, literally. Thanks for looking. G

International Truck Abiquiu NM