Under the Cottonwoods, Abiquiu, NM

Under the cottonwoods, Abiquiu, NM. This International truck has been parked in this location for a number of years. Drove by there on a photo tour last week and it was gone, possibly sold. I made this image on a photo tour in February. I superimposed three images from that location to get this look, the truck overlaid in a shot of its own rust and patina and a third of the trees above. Thanks for looking. G

Under the Cottonwoods, Abiquiu, NM

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6 thoughts on “Under the Cottonwoods, Abiquiu, NM

  1. I absolutely love the creative addition of the rust/patina layer to this peaceful scene. It must have been a bit of a shock to find the truck gone. I do hope someone is restoring it.

  2. As a young child spending summers in Tres Ritos, there was an abandoned Ford truck that was deep in a grove of pines at the edge of the meadow. It was by a cabin site that only had the foundation pit showing were it once stood. The old truck was a place of mystery – sort of like an old shipwreck but in a forest. I remember jumping up and down on the springs of the bench seat, playing with the steering wheel, trying to roll the windows up and down – year after year there was less and less – The windows all gone – the gages taken. Even into my adult years the shell remained – but a little more seemed to disappear each year. Then someone came and took it all – as if the forest itself ate it. All that is left now is the memory and the echoes of the mysteries of youth. Thanks for the photo that brought back the old truck

    1. Hi Tim, thank you so much for sharing this memory. When I lived in Wales we were encouraged to play outside when visiting one of my grandparents. There was an abandoned car on the embankment. Hours of endless fun ensued over the years… until we left and moved to another part of the country. Funny your memory triggered this one for me. I don’t think we ever saw that car again in subsequent visits to my grand parents. Cheers Tim. G

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