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From The Red Willows To The Mountain

From the red willows to the mountain. Taos Mountain. One of the most gorgeous views of the sacred mountain, and home of the “Red Willow People” Taos Pueblo. The snow was an added bonus when the clouds cleared this afternoon and the welcomed moisture. Thanks for looking. G

From The Red Willows To The Mountain

Here’s another view from a ten years ago.

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San Cristobal Cottonwoods, NM

San Cristobal Cottonwoods. On a trip to the grocery store this evening we pulled over for this little scene. I must admit I anticipated it. I’ve made a few successful images of this location in the past so when we headed out we went straight to this spot. This is only one of numerous images I made this evening of the ‘spotlight’ on the cottonwood trees. And now, at this very moment, it is snowing. Thanks for looking. G

San Cristobal Cottonwoods

Rio Grande Tree, Southern Colorado

Rio Grande tree, southern Colorado. Slightly south of the Lobatos Bridge crossing the Rio Grande, is this old cottonwood tree, a sentinel, surrounded by exposed fractured basalt cliffs along the sides of the river where the gorge begins. The river is frozen in the shadows of the cliffs, though not yet frozen enough to skate or cross country ski on this year! Last week the ice on the embankments was constantly thunder cracking, echoing off the underside off the old steel girder bridge. Thanks for looking. G

Rio Grande tree southern colorado

Cottonwood Rainbows

Cottonwood rainbows. What the magpie in yesterdays image didn’t see. As the rain clouds moved through and the sun played peekaboo behind the clouds in the west, there were two rainbows, then one, and then a brighter one, and then two again. This is another view I had yesterday from the deck in San Cristobal. Thanks for looking. G


Spring Rainbows And Red Willows

Spring rainbows over red willows and cottonwoods with Taos Mountain barely visible through the rain. Made in a favorite location of mine in Taos, New Mexico. Thanks for looking. G


Taos Mountain Cottonwoods

Taos Mountain cottonwoods and sunset. The highway heading north out of town in El Prado (the meadows) Taos, New Mexico.


Looking Up Where Simplicity Thrills Me

Looking up where simplicity thrills me. I don’t have to wander far, just a few paces from the house, to stand gazing upward to see the cottonwoods stretching out overhead as if reaching for the other’s touch. Thanks for looking. G

looking up in the cottonwood trees san cristobal new mexico