Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Sunflower, Standing Tall, Taos Valley Wetlands


Sunflower, all it’s sunny fires out but standing tall in the Taos Valley wetlands. I particularly like sunflowers in their decay as much as I do when they herald the beginning of August lining the highways and byways of northern New Mexico. Here, in this photo, they usher in the early throes of winter while maintaining a continuous golden glow. Snow on it’s way over the next few days. Stay warm where you are and thanks for looking. G

Sunflower, Standing Tall, Taos Wetlands.

Last Dollar Road, Ridgway, Telluride, Colorado


Last Dollar Road, between Ridgway and Telluride, Colorado. Heading down Last Dollar Road we just had to stop for this view. In 1989 I climbed Mount Sneffels, the peak on the far left of the image with my good friend Harry. When we got to the top I was exhausted. It was a little humiliating to see a father and his seven-year-old son sitting there fresh as the morning eating lunch and me huffing and puffing. 14,000+ feet will do that to you. We shared some stories with them while eating our lunches. On the way down I reinjured the meniscus in my right knee, or was it the left? Fortunately, we had ridden our bikes up to 12,000 feet and hidden them behind a large boulder. Riding down to our camp at 6,000 was a very nice and welcome cruise. Back to the present, on this day it was very pleasant to see the area in its fall finery. Thanks for indulging in my reminiscing and for looking. G

Last Dollar Road, Ridgeway, Colorado.

Evening Grosbeak, Crabapple Tree, San Cristobal, NM


Evening Grosbeak, in one of our crabapple trees, San Cristobal, NM. Besides colorful hillsides and mountains, fall brings an abundance of food and birds to eat it. This week the Evening Grosbeaks arrived in flocks to indulge themselves of the crabapples. Great individual shots picked out of the thirty or so birds camoflaged by the branches and leaves. Thanks for looking. G

Evening Grosbeak, Crabapple Tree, San Cristobal, NM

Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado


Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Fall has definitely arrived early this year. I’d lay odds these males are in rut already. Such a wonderful time of year, and hearing the elk’s soulful bugle echoing through the mountains and canyons makes fall even more magical. Thanks for looking. G

Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Elk, Sunlight, Yellowstone, Wyoming


Elk, Sunlight, Yellowstone, Wyoming. Elk are spotlighted on the hillside by the last pocket of sunlight in Yellowstone, Wyoming. Flashback to my trip with my two young children in 2005. In Yellowstone it was so cold, although it doesn’t look like it from this image, we stayed in hotels and lodges. On the way home through Utah we camped for a few nights in Canyonlands. Here’s an expanded view from Canyonlands. Thanks for looking. G

Elk, Sunlight, Yellowstone, Wyoming