Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Tag: Fall

Morning Blue Taos Ski Valley

Morning blue, Taos Ski Valley. This location was cold and full of fall. This little embankment of grass seemed so delicate and soft and I thought of things to come, frigid temps, snow and ice. For a moment I felt warm and satisfied. Thanks for looking. G


Arroyo Hondo Rainbow And A Half

Arroyo Hondo rainbow and a half. The last storm made for some nice images of rainbows and fall colors. Most of the aspens up high are done until next time, so it’s up to the cottonwoods to do their thing now. I’ll be watching and as always, thanks for looking. G


Turquoise And Fall Colors

Turquoise and fall colors on the high road to Taos. Drive any road in northern New Mexico right now and the light and colors will amaze you, as will the skies. Throwing in some quirky ‘New Mexicana’ will make the day! Thanks for looking. G


Milkweed Seed And Rabbit Brush

Milkweed Seed and Rabbit Brush. Carried on the morning breeze through the neighborhood, the hardy milkweed seed settles on the rabbit brush. Sooner or later the seed will be released from the floss. Thanks for looking. G

Milkweed seed

Arroyo Hondo Morning Sunrise

Arroyo Hondo, morning sunrise. Life is good in the pastures at sunrise in the Arroyo Hondo Valley. I spent a moment, on the drive to Taos this morning, to stop and watch the horses grazing in the light filtered fields. This is what light traveling at 186,000 miles per second can create. After spending five minutes at this spot I realized that the light had traveled millions and millions of miles when it entered my camera’s lens, passing through, as the shutter opened, to the sensor which helped produce this scene. Yep I love science, and being present to appreciate the moment. Thanks for looking. G

Arroyo Hondo Valley morning

Reflection At The Saint Francis Church

Reflection at the Saint Francis Church … a fall morning after the rain. Got down on my knees and made this image shortly before the caretaker came along and swept up the puddles. Got to be the early bird to beat the caretaker. Thanks for looking. G


Mullen And Aspen, Us Hill, NM

Mullen And Aspen, Us Hill, NM. On the High Road to Taos photo workshop today, stopping at all the fall color ‘photo ops’. There are many. This is a field of mullen with asters, flanked by aspen, scrub oak and chamisa.
Thanks for looking. G


Aspen Grove Colorado

Aspen Grove, Colorado. In the rain on the Cumbres Pass today the colors of the aspen groves were glowing through the stark white ghostly tree trunks. Thanks for looking. G


Boardwalk, Steps, Bricks, Pink Wall

Boardwalk, Steps, Bricks, Pink Wall. On our trip through southern Colorado and northern New Mexico to check out the aspens, we dropped in at Tierra Wools in Los Ojos, NM, where I spent some time looking around the architecture in the village. I’ll post a few images over the next few days from this sweet outpost known for it’s fiber arts, yarns and sheep round up each spring and fall. Here is the boardwalk at the entrance to Tierra Wools. I thought the colors had a hint of fall to them. G


Highway 17, Aspens Turning In Colorado

Highway 17, aspens turning in Colorado. Took a drive today over the Cumbres Pass on Highway 17 to check out the aspen colors. We found many groves turning to shades of yellow, gold and red. There are still many green groves, and then there are many groves that, in the words of the band the Eagles, are “already gone”! Thanks for looking, and if you are in New Mexico, get out there over the next week for some prime colors. G