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Italianos Trail, Leaf, Rock, Lichen

Italianos Trail, Leaf, Rock, Lichen in the Columbine Hondo Wilderness. The leaf had landed here, or someone had placed it here, it doesn’t matter. When my son and I hiked here yesterday we saw many reminders that fall is on it’s way. Last week in southern Colorado we saw numerous groves of aspen, high up, starting to catch on a different kind of fire. I have a few days open if anyone is interested in photographing the fall colors on a private photo tour/workshop. Thanks for looking. G

Italianos Trail, Leaf, Rock, Lichen

Highlands Of Scotland Tree

Highlands of Scotland, tree, where there are no trees, and seemingly growing out of a rock. Flashback fall to 2013 in the Scottish Highlands. Thanks for looking and a happy thanksgiving. G


Here’s a few images from our last trip to Scotland.

And here is the same tree from the view we first saw.

Cottonwood Tree, Sandhill Cranes

Cottonwood tree and Sandhill Cranes, in the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, San Antonio, NM. Looking forward to the next three days here. Stay tuned and thanks for looking. G


Stand Of Red Willows

Stand of Red Willows, Taos, New Mexico. Taos Pueblo are the “people of the red willow” … I like that, and there is an abundance of red willow across the Taos Valley. Thanks for looking. G


Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge

Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado. It’s morning in the wildlife refuge as the fog lifts over the cat-tails on the banks of the marshes, slowly dissipating, to reveal the sanctuary islands beyond. The waterfowl are going through their morning ablutions, primping and preening as the sun warms up the air and the day begins. Thanks for looking. G


Muted And Subtle Colors Of Fall

Muted and subtle colors of fall and moisture on the deck in San Cristobal, NM. The leaves… ash, aspen, locust, cottonwoods and apple are piling up and as the temperatures drop the vibrant colors turn cooler. Each morning is an affirmation of winter’s approach and a promise of springs rejuvenation. Yes I love the cool down and slow down at this time of year. Thanks for looking. G

Muted and Subtle Colors

Two Together Down The Lane

Two together, down the lane, San Cristobal, New Mexico. Harvest of sunflowers along the roadside a favorite of pine siskins,  chickadees and photographers. Thanks for looking. G

two together down the lane

Taos Junction On The Rio Grande

Taos Junction on the Rio Grande. Another beautiful day again today in northern New Mexico. This image made from the Taos Junction Bridge in the Orilla Verde RA in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, is one of my favorite locations. This location always continues inspire me when I pull over and park by the river. Fall is in full swing here in northern New Mexico. Drop in if you can, we’ll be glad to show you around and share this great part of the American southwest with you. Thanks for looking. G


Red Aspen Leaves Under The Tree

Red aspen leaves. I see it there, on the bench under the aspen tree, two leaves together. That’s fall after all. Thanks for looking. G


Lake, In The San Luis Valley, Colorado

Lake, in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. The Blanca Peak range, in the Sangre de Cristo mountains of the southern Rockies, makes for a beautiful morning reflection in a small lake in Colorado on a three day photography workshop this week. Thanks for looking. G

Lake, In The San Luis Valley Colorado