Church Yard, Grave Marker, New Mexico

Church yard, grave marker, Las Trampas, on the High Road to Taos, New Mexico. I made this toned black and white from an older color image. I like the way the brightness of the high desert light reflected off the ground on to the ornate, filigree design of the cross with the rim light setting off the edges of the stone. Those two little clouds caught my attention as I laid on the ground in the old church yard. Thanks for looking. G

Las Trampas Church, New Mexico

Santo Tomas Church, Ojo Sarco, NM

Santo Tomas Church in the  Ojo Sarco Valley, northern New Mexico. Making images of the dilapidated building across the dirt road from this church. We got some welcome relief from the midday sun, under the portal roof, though open to the elements. We enjoyed the weathered, decrepit boards and the spaces between them created by time. Including them in a composition with the church of Santo Tomas seemed logical and adequately portrayed our experience. Thanks for looking. G

Santo Tomas church, Ojo Sarco

Adobe Corner, Las Trampas Church

Adobe Corner, Las Trampas. The most beautiful and authentic mission Church of San José de Gracia de Las Trampas, on the high road to Taos. Click on the links below to see more images. Thanks for looking. G

Adobe Corner, Las Trampas Church

Catholic church at Llano de San Juan, New Mexico

Catholic church at Llano de San Juan, on the “High Road to Taos”, New Mexico. Sometimes there’s a payoff shooting images in the high afternoon sun. The shadows and texture are defined in the angled lighting and the scorching white earth around us, in this instance, fills in the shadows in the belfry of this quiet little place in Llano de San Juan. There’s never a bad time to hit the road in search of imagery in New Mexico.  Thanks for looking. G

Catholic church at Llano de San Juan, New Mexico

New Mexico Culture, Las Trampas Church

New Mexico Culture, Las Trampas Church, San José de Gracia on the High Road to Taos. A continual restoration and mudding project. One of the most beautiful and possibly the most authentic adobe mission churches in all of New Mexico. I visit this location about half a dozen times a month and I always see something new. I am always glad to see how many people get out of their vehicles to gaze on and explore this historic building. I am surprised to see how many people cruise into the parking lot, point their cameras out of the car window, and drive away having bagged another location on the bucket list. I am evening more surprised how many people pull into the parking area and leave, experiencing no further encounter with this New Mexico cultural icon, on the historic mountain highway route to Taos. Ah well… each to their own. Thanks for looking. G

New Mexico Culture San Jose de Gracia Church

Here’s another view from 2016

Some more information on the San José de Gracia Church