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Photography Workshop Highlights, 09-14-22

Greetings from San Cristobal and beyond. This week features a few images that highlight what we saw during a three-day photography workshop, this time with Scott a talented photographer from Houston. His enthusiasm inspired me. I think I inspired him.

Our last day was spent in the mountains. If you follow me or have taken a photography workshop with me you might recall this place, Comanche Point in the Valle Vidal, (Valley of Life). It’s looking a lot like fall up there. It won’t be long till the aspens turn color. In fact, it’s already begun.

Comanche Point, Valle Vidal, NM
Comanche Point, Valle Vidal, NM

We spent a couple of hours at our first stop in Ojo Caliente, working at this location and looking for an interesting composition. This is what I came up with on this trip. I look forward to seeing Scott’s interpretation. Here’s one from a visit last year.

Santa Cruz church, Ojo Caliente, NM
Church of Santa Cruz, Ojo Caliente, NM

The Rio Grande Gorge is home to many bighorn sheep. Every now and again a ram will pop up when you least expect it, and strike up a pose where you would want it. In this case up high against a blue New Mexico sky.

Bighorn Ram, Rio Grande Gorge, NM
Bighorn sheep ram, in The Orilla Verde RA, Rio Grande Gorge, NM

Close up Bighorn sheep Ram, Rio Grande Gorge, on a photography workshop in northern New Mexico.
Close up of bighorn sheep ram, in The Orilla Verde RA, Rio Grande Gorge, NM

Restoration, repairing, and mudding are underway at the San José de Las Trampas church on the high road to Taos. The doorway arch has been replicated to an early look. The big doors were closed for weather sealing which allowed me to shoot a new angle. Usually, the doors are staked open which often provides a nice framing element.

At first glance, the scaffolding looked interesting and I had an idea to make a documentary image. Then the sun came out from behind a cloud and added shadows to the scene. Fortuitous.

Restoration at the Las Trampas church on the high road to Taos
Restoration mudding at San José de las Trampas, NM

The partially closed doors created a different look at one of the belfries.

Las Trampas church on the high road to Taos
Through the big doors at the Las Trampas Church.

Closing this week’s post is the harvest moon, shot from the deck as it rose over our mountains.

Harvest Moon rise, San Cristobal, NM
Harvest Moon rising, San Cristobal, NM

As always, thanks for looking. G

20 thoughts on “Photography Workshop Highlights, 09-14-22”

  1. Stunning! I am thrilled they are restoring San José de las Trampas – it’s such a special place. Ya know, after all these years I have never been to Comanche Point. Thanks for reminding me to get there!
    Happy Fall! 🌶🍂🌻

  2. Amazing, as always, photography; the rivers confluence was breath-taking. Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list. Am, at last back in NM, concentrating on getting my books out, working part time in the schools and looking forward to my first novel to finally find a publisher. Wishing you great success with your upcoming exhibit, also. Claudia/Josephine

  3. I second Elaine, I’ve never been to the Valle Vidal and when I see your photos reminds me that I need to take a trip there pronto!
    Enjoy so much looking at your photos, thanks for sharing them 🤩

    • Thank you, June. I’m glad to hear you enjoy my work. I sincerely hope you make a trip to the Valle Vidal. It’s well worth it. I think it can be somewhat life changing. G

  4. I have a collection of crosses, so your “Black Cross w/ Shadows” will fit in beautifully. I’m a New Mexican that lives in NC, to be near my family. I miss it a lot, so really enjoy your photos.

    • Thank you so much, Barbara for your compliments on my photography. I hope the print will compliment your collection of images. It’s one of my favorites. G

  5. Great images, Geraint! You were definitely an inspiration and it was a great experience. I have many great shots that I’m slowly working my way through. Thanks again!


      • Geraint, the book arrived late last week and I am really enjoying it. As I look through it and continue to edit my photos from our workshop, I realized I have only scratched the surface of all the area has to offer. I’ll look forward to a future trip to continue to explore.

  6. As always, G, profound thanks for your photo workshops and for sharing your always spot-on images! I think the Comanches would be totally delighted with your latest image of “their” point.

  7. Wonderful collection of images! The details in the sheep are incredible. It was at this time last year that we were driving to the Slide to hike and a large herd of sheep were blocking the road. We had to wait about 10 minutes for them to cross! We had just arrived in New Mexico and it was quite sight.


    • What an introduction and welcome for you. I know that herd and I can imagine the thrill you got. Thank you, Mary. Your calendar is on its way. G


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