Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Placita, Rainsville, and a Tree, New Mexico.

Three black and whites from a photo tour this week. In the first image, at Placita on the High Road to Taos, I happened to look up and there was the last quarter moon with the deep shadow from the church roofline running through the scene. The second image was taken at the church of the Sacred Heart in Rainsville, NM. I was drawn to the shapes and patterns of the shadows and light interacting with the white-trimmed window. The third image is east of the church in Rainsville looking toward the plains. We waited for the clouds to roll through with a little rain thrown in for good measure.

Placitas chapel and moon
Placita, Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion chapel and moon, High Road to Taos

Rainsville church New Mexico
Rainsville, Church of the Sacred Heart, New Mexico.

Tree and storm clouds Rainsville, NM
Tree with a backdrop of storm clouds Rainsville, NM.

As always thank you for looking. G

10 thoughts on “Placita, Rainsville, and a Tree, New Mexico.”

    • It’s holding up nicely. It’s been there a number of years and was much smaller when I first spotted it. Thanks for checking in, Barry. G

  1. Beautiful work, Geraint. I love the Placita church and how it’s situated with the road on either side. That barking dog wouldn’t let me get out of the car, though I think you had better luck as I recall.

    Hope you and Pamela are safe and well.

    • Hi Rob
      That dog is all bark and no bite. He’s used to me and my clients. He probably recognizes me. Its mother gave me grief years ago. There were two new dogs there last weekend.
      We are well here. Thank you for asking. I look forward to seeing you here at some point.
      I hope you and Louisa are keeping well. G

  2. Back in 1965 I taught reading classes to kids in Rainsville. We would drive there twice a week from Mora. The vast plains always took my breath away. Gorgeous! We traveled in a VW Beetle and felt very small. At one point along the drive we would honk our horn and 100+ camouflaged antelope would come to life and scatter hither thither; white haunches bouncing like balls along the golden grass. Thanks for reminding me of that special place.


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