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Rio Grande Tree, Southern Colorado

Rio Grande tree, southern Colorado. Slightly south of the Lobatos Bridge crossing the Rio Grande, is this old cottonwood tree, a sentinel, surrounded by exposed fractured basalt cliffs along the sides of the river where the gorge begins. The river is frozen in the shadows of the cliffs, though not yet frozen enough to skate or cross country ski on this year! Last week the ice on the embankments was constantly thunder cracking, echoing off the underside off the old steel girder bridge. Thanks for looking. G

Rio Grande tree southern colorado

6 thoughts on “Rio Grande Tree, Southern Colorado”

    • The clouds were fantastic. This image is from 6 or 7 years ago. Last Friday when we were out there, the tree had some broken limbs. I’ve photographed in this area so long, that revisiting the same locations over and over I get to see the changes and vanishings. Having a record of it all in a digital photo journal since 2001 and transparencies prior to that, makes the changes experienced over the years… palpable. Thanks Rob and happy new year.

  1. Actually it is not a cottonwood tree, but a locust tree. i have been observing it for alot of years. love your photographs of this country.


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