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Long Shot, Moon Over The Ridge

Long shot, moon over the ridge. Lives intersect! Characters, families, relatives. Time is immaterial. D.H. Lawrence spent a couple of years at the ranch, six miles up the road from here. There’s a poem from D.H. below. Thanks for looking. G

Long Shot, Moon Over The Ridge

And who has seen the moon, who has not seen
Her rise from out the chamber of the deep,
Flushed and grand and naked, as from the chamber
Of finished bridegroom, seen her rise and throw
Confession of delight upon the wave,
Littering the waves with her own superscription
Of bliss, till all her lambent beauty shakes towards us
Spread out and known at last, and we are sure
That beauty is a thing beyond the grave,
That perfect, bright experience never falls
To nothingness, and time will dim the moon
Sooner than our full consummation here
In this odd life will tarnish or pass away.
D. H. Lawrence – 1885-1930

Taos Mountain Moonrise

Taos Mountain moon rise. Love the moon as it rises behind Taos Mountain on a cold and crisp, clear evening. Take a look outside for the almost full moon and tomorrow’s full moon. Thanks for looking. G

Moon Rising, Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Ladder To The Moon, Ode To Georgia O’Keeffe

“Ladder to the Moon” ode to Georgia O’Keeffe for her birthday today. Born: Georgia Totto O’Keeffe, Nov 15, 1887, Town of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, U.S. Died: Mar 6, 1986, Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S. She would be 122. It seems like she is ever present in these parts still. I composited this from three images. Thanks for looking. G

"Ladder to the Moon"

Moonrise, Sangre De Cristo Mountains, NM

Moonrise, Sangre De Cristo Mountains, NM. The kitchen window or the deck usually work fine for a shot of the moon. This month I had to stand in the middle of the driveway (poor me) in order to line up the tree and mountain with the moon.  I hope you got to see it from where ever you are. Thanks for looking. G

Moonrise, Sangre De Cristo Mountains, NM

Crescent Moon, Taos Volcanic Plateau.

Crescent Moon, setting over the Taos Volcanic Plateau, northern New Mexico. It was very quiet out there as the moon emerged briefly in the space between the clouds. No traffic, no birds, no planes… and then it disappeared into the clouds again. Thanks for looking. G


Harvest Moon Rise, Sangre De Cristos, NM

Harvest moon rise, over the Sangre De Cristos, mountains illuminating the clouds. This is the view from our driveway in San Cristobal on the night of Friday the 13th. I had meant to post it on the day, but…! So here it is. The warm color is from a forest fire controlled burn in the foothills and the smokey haze affected the color of light in this scene. Happy harvesting and thanks for looking. G

Harvest moon rise, Sangre De Cristos, NM.

Harvest Moon Rising, Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Harvest moon rising, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico. A great photo tour today. Thank you Mike. When I got home this was the view of the shimmering, shining, harvest moon rise… out the kitchen window. It will be full tomorrow night. Thanks for looking. G

Harvest Moon Rising, Sangre de Cristo Mountains


Moonrise, Taos Mountain, San Cristobal

Moonrise, over Taos Mountain from San Cristobal, NM yesterday evening. The moon is 99.9% full tonight but rose well after the clouds dispersed from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, so no photo tonight. I hope you will enjoy this image. It will be a full moon at 6:29am on the morning of Thursday August, 15. Thanks for looking. G

Moonrise, Taos Mountain, San Cristobal

Moonrise In A Sienna Sky

Moonrise in a sienna sky, over the Sangre de Cristos, New Mexico. Life from the deck in San Cristobal. The moon rose powerful this evening, conquered and ruled the dome of the sky. The only time I have not seen the moonrise over the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is when it’s cloudy or I’m out of town, and… weather permitting I’ll see the moonrise in the place I am. Thanks for looking and keep on looking. G

Moonrise in a sienna sky