El Rito, Mansion, Sloping Veranda

El Rito, NM “the Mansion”, with sloping veranda.  I love this old adobe and particularly the veranda and climbing vine. Is the vine utilizing the veranda to climb or does the vine keep everything together from ultimately collapsing. The exposed adobe and woodwork is classic. Click here for another photo and be sure to read the comments. Thanks for looking. G

El Rito, the Mansion, with sloping veranda.

Taos, Shadows, Prism, Rainbow

Taos, shadows, prism, rainbow. It’s where we live, well a little farther north and under normal circumstances we’d go to Taos two or three times a week, sometimes more. This is the end of week three spent at home. We’ve been to the store twice during that time, and made a couple of solitary drives out to photograph. We made a few trips to the Rio Grande Gorge, to stand on the rim and let the wind blow the cobwebs away. Spending this time at home, allows me to dig into projects that I’ve put on the back burner. I might get to really like it. In the country, we do solitary well, social distancing is three acres. How about you? What are you doing? I hope everyone is safe and staying healthy. Thanks for looking. G

Taos, shadows, prism, rainbow.

White Abstract, Estancia, New Mexico

White abstract, Estancia, New Mexico. I thought perhaps an abstract building façade amidst all the landscape images here over the last week. In the moment I saw this, it brought to mind Agnes Martin paintings, although hers are more horizontal lines and grids. The rock, to hold the doors open, appealed to me, along with the wavy concrete line. I hope everyone is staying well. Thanks for looking in. G

White abstract, Estancia, New Mexico.

Supermoon, Crow Moon, Sangre de Cristo Mountains 

Supermoon, Crow Moon, rising over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico. Also known as the Worm moon, Sap moon, Crust moon, or Maple Sugar moon! This was yesterday evening from the deck. It was so bright it kept me awake for about thirty minutes! Then some clouds drew the drapes on the night and I was out like a light. Below is the moon setting over the plateau, early this morning from the deck. Thanks for looking. G

Super Moon, Crow Moon, Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Supermoon, Crow Moon,

Adobe Studio, Ladder, Cloud

Adobe studio, ladder, with slight cloud iridescence, just as I found it yesterday during a photo shoot at the Couse-Sharp Historic Site in Taos, New Mexico. If you’re in Taos this summer stop in for a visit. The abundance of history at the Couse-Sharp Historic Site here in northern NM will astound you. Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more images to come in the not too distant future. G

Adobe studio, ladder, cloud.

Lewis’s Woodpecker, San Cristobal

Lewis’s Woodpecker, a regular visitor to the garden in San Cristobal, NM. When I finally looked at the images I discovered that he wasn’t trying to retrieve a kernel or two or three from the hole in the fence post, he was drinking the snow melt water that had accumulated there. As you can see I caught the drip. I love these birds. Thanks for looking. G

Lewis's Woodpecker San Cristobal

Fajada Butte, Chaco Canyon, NM

Fajada Butte, Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico. I revisit images from time to time. Sometimes they speak to me differently than they first did. I shot this image ten years ago for a story on the celestial alignments that occur in Chaco Canyon. Looking at it now, I am reminded of the many nights I’ve spent in the canyon gazing on this scene in silence, solitude and gratitude. Making this image I was the only soul present except for, perhaps, the ancient spirits. Thanks for looking. G

Fajada Butte, Chaco Canyon, NM

On Location, In ‘Old’ New Mexico

On location, in Arroyo Blanco, the Rio Grande Gorge Rim and San Cristobal, New Mexico. This is the latest photo shoot in collaboration with Tres Estrellas Design of Taos to recreate a glimpse of their exquisite textiles, in historical context, within the familiar landscape of New Mexico we all know today. Keep your eye out for their ad in El Palacio Magazine next month featuring the last image in this series. Thanks for looking and enjoy. G

Arroyo Blanco Abiquiu, New Mexico
Revisiting and re-imagining the Spaghetti Western with authentic weapons and serapes from the actual period.

 Aggregate diamond Saltillo serape circa 1875

Aggregate Diamond Saltillo Serape circa 1875 paired with model 1873 Winchester rifle and Colt Single Action Army (SAA) Pistol both chambered in .38-40 cartridges, (.38 WCF) photographed in Arroyo Blanco, the other “White Place” Abiquiu, New Mexico.



Classic Rio Grande blanket circa 1850-60s

Classic Rio Grande blanket circa 1850-60s paired with a late Sam Hawken Rifle photographed on the Rio Grande Gorge Rim with Taos Mountain as a backdrop.



Navajo Moki Serape circa 1860-70's "Bound for Dine ‘tah"

Navajo Moki Serape circa 1860-70’s photographed on the Rio Grande Gorge West Rim paired with a late Sam Hawken Rifle and entitled “Bound for Dine ‘tah”



Classic Rio Grande blanket circa 1850-60s

Classic Rio Grande blanket circa 1850-60s

Classic Rio Grande blanket circa 1850-60s

Classic Rio Grande Blanket circa 1850-60s paired with a late Sam Hawken Rifle Photographed in the Sangre de Cristo foothills north of San Cristobal, New Mexico.



Saltillo Serape circa 1870’s

Saltillo Serape circa 1870’s photographed on the rocks in Piedra Lumbre (Shining Rocks) Ghost Ranch, New Mexico.



Early transitional Rio Grande blanket circa 1875

Early transitional Rio Grande blanket circa 1875 photographed in the the “White Place”



Stay tuned for the next installment.

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Velarde, NM

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Velarde, NM. Gorgeous day along the Rio Grande in the village of Velarde. I love the way the New Mexico light makes iconic locations around the state just glow against the blue sky. Not too many places like it. I’m taking a liberty saying that, but almost all of the  photographers I’ve taken out on photo tours agree. Thanks for looking. G

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Velarde, NM.


Bison, Philmont Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico

Bison at the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico. When I spotted this bison I wanted to accentuate the lonely, solitary feeling it portrayed, using an antique filter. I thought it conjured up an image of the loss of millions upon millions of these stunning and majestic animals. I used three images to create this old glass plate look. The first of the bison, the second, an overlay color and third, a dirty window from an abandoned cabin I found. Thanks for looking. G

Bison, Philmont Ranch, New Mexico