Craters, Moon, San Cristobal, Sky

Craters of the Moon in a San Cristobal, early morning sky. I went out to photograph Comet C/2020 F3 NEOWISE this morning. I was up early but not early enough to get a good shot of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE). I could see it just fine, but the sky was too bright around it. So, I had a cup of tea and checked out the moon in the opposite part of the sky. I was transfixed observing her craters, my tea got cold. Slightly west of the la luna, Jupiter and it’s moons were equally mesmerizing. I’ll get up much earlier tomorrow and see what I can do with the comet. Never a wasted moment. Thanks for looking. G

Craters, Moon, San Cristobal, Sky

If you’re interested here are a few links to Comet PANSTARRS I photographed in March 2013 over a period of two weeks

Rainbow, Highway, Taos Valley, New Mexico

Rainbow, Highway, Taos Valley, New Mexico. Highway 522 runs from Taos to the Colorado, state line. I was heading home after a day in Las Vegas, NM, sitting on a couple of different benches around town, chatting about photography and a hundred other subjects, with good friend R. David Marks. In this image I’m looking south towards Taos. After spotting the rainbow in my rear view mirror I pulled over and shot this. There is a confusion of light rays dashing every which way. I don’t mind. Thanks for looking. G

Rainbow, Highway, Taos Valley, New Mexico.

Dennis Hopper’s Last Resting Place

Dennis Hopper’s last resting place, Ranchos de Taos, NM. Photographer and good friend, David Marks and I made a little pilgrimage to the cemetery today. There are some interesting and colorful growing number of appendages on Dennis’s memorial. Notwithstanding, a whole lot of bandanas, a shell casing, a few rosaries and Mardi Gras beads. Hanging with numerous personal mementos from loved ones and fans, there is a Nikon lens cap suspended and spinning in the breeze. The memorial is a fitting tribute. I am one of many fans of his films, photography and art. The few times I met and spoke with him I found him to be a true gentleman. Thank you, RIP Dennis. G

Dennis Hopper's last resting place, Ranchos de Taos, NM.

Chapel, Santa Cruz De Ojo Caliente, Historic Site

Chapel, Santa Cruz de Ojo Caliente, historic site, New Mexico. I often share my thoughts with my clients on religion, it’s core conflict and how to represent the fight between light and darkness in a picture. I include it deliberately in this photo of the Catholic church just around the corner from the Ojo Caliente Spa. Thanks for looking. G

Santa Cruz De Ojo Caliente, Historic Site, New Mexico

“Kilroy Was Here” Carson, New Mexico

“Kilroy Was Here” Carson, New Mexico. I like the surprise I get when I find out that Kilroy was already here. I remember seeing this first in 1970, in the movie “Kelly’s Heroes” with Clint Eastwood, that was set in WWII. This image is in the wild west. We all know Clint “is” the west and Kilroy will show up anywhere and always before you do. Here’s the scoop on Kilroy! Thanks for looking. G

"Kilroy Was Here" Carson, New Mexico

San Cristobal Chapel, New Mexico

San Cristobal Chapel, in the Village of San Cristobal, New Mexico. We live so close, close enough that we can hear the bells ring for Mass or a funeral. I haven’t heard the bells ring out for awhile. I always remember, as a kid, hearing stories that during World War II the church bells in Britain were silent until the day war ended. That day, they rang out as never before. Stay safe and well. Thanks for looking. G

San Cristobal Chapel, New Mexico

Be Here Later, Taos, New Mexico

“Be Here Later.” Taos, New Mexico. A play on Ram Das’s “Be Here Now.”  I put this together and posted it on Facebook. It was appreciated for sure but not as much as some other posts. I like it in particular though and will continue to encourage a slower recovery. I mean… not a lot has changed in our way of life in the country where space is abundant and social distancing has been going on for centuries. Our state is still in lock down until May 15, and two weeks of quarantine is encouraged for travelers visiting or returning from elsewhere. So please do, be here later! Thanks for looking. G

Be Here Later. Taos, New Mexico.