Chile Ristras Ladders, El Prado, NM

Chile ristras and ladders, El Prado. Coming soon to everywhere in New Mexico. I hope you get out here to see them hanging from vigas and portals, accented against adobe walls. Quintessential New Mexico, for all the senses. Thanks for looking. G

Chile Ristras and ladders, El Prado

Where I grew up chile was the country and chili is what one eats. I’ve since learned my lesson. But not until I did.

Black Mesa, San Ildefonso, NM

Black Mesa, San Ildefonso, NM. One of the most gorgeous iconic locations and one of so many in northern New Mexico. This location at San Ildefonso Pueblo is featured in many photographer’s portfolio. That doesn’t make it any less iconic as it is an area that is pristine and unspoiled and thank goodness. Come visit New Mexico and I’ll show you this and many more of these locations. Thanks for looking. G

Black Mesa, San Ildefonso, NM

Badger, Northern New Mexico

Badger, northern New Mexico. This badger is building a “set” in the middle of a meadow, strewn with wild flowers, in northern New Mexico. It has taste in locations, the setting was stunning. Pami spotted dirt flying in the air from a hole in the ground. We were going slow, as we drove along the rain muddied road, or we may have missed this outstanding creature. I made a number of images before it was done digging, before it disappeared down the hole. I’ve seen three of these animals over the years, one alive in England, one dead at the side of the road in England, and this magnificent specimen. This badger made our hearts beat faster today. Thanks for looking. G

Badger, Northern New Mexico

Osprey Chama Valley, New Mexico

Osprey brood Chama Valley, northern New Mexico. We made a trip to check on the Osprey family on the road to Chama, N.M.  This is mom endeavoring to get the kids out of the house. Dad was a hundred yards away sans fish. Mom flew down to a fresh mown hay filed and returned clutching the hay in her talons. I can hear the conversation now. “You aren’t getting anymore fish unless you get it for yourselves, so this hay is all you’re getting if you stay here.” Seriously, it was brilliant to watch as the young ones could see no response from dad and they also had a clear view of moms trips to and from to the hay field. Thanks for looking. G

Osprey Chama Valley New Mexico

Osprey family in the Chama Valley

Osprey family in the Chama Valley New Mexico

Osprey family in the Chama Valley

Photography Tour Workshops

Photography tour workshops. A little shameless promotion, sharing these images of some of my wonderful clients working in the field. If you are thinking of joining me on a photo tour workshop, I have some dates open for July, August, September and through the rest of the year. I’m already booking trips for the coming winter and spring. Winter is one of my favorite times of year to spend in the field. Thanks for looking. G

Photography tour workshops

Mountain Bluebird, Sangre De Cristo Pines

Mountain Bluebird, in the Sangre De Cristo Mountain pines. Blue flashes of wings blast out of the trees, through meadow grasses to alight again on the top of another pine tree. Taunting me to the max as I approach which feels more like playful glee to me. I’m smiling all the while. Here’s everything you need to know about Mountain Bluebirds. Thanks for looking. G

Mountain Bluebird, Sangre De Cristo pines.

Cerro Chiflo Cliffs, Wild Rivers, NM

Cerro Chiflo Cliffs, Wild Rivers Recreation Area, NM. just over my shoulder at Sheep’s Crossing in the image from a couple of days ago. I always tell myself, “remember to look over your shoulder”. The Cerro Chiflo cliffs flank the Rio Grande in this northern New Mexico National Monument. Thanks for looking and taking the time to enjoy my work. Geraint

Cerro Chiflo Cliffs, Wild Rivers Recreation Area, NM.