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Leaves And A Few Other Things

The light, it’s all about the light. Waiting until the sunlight lit up the road and the aspens ahead didn’t take very long but it did require a few moments until the sun emerged from the clouds. The moment and the picture happen, click!!!

highway 64, northern NM
Fall color and light on Highway 64, northern NM.

The following three images depict a local pond, a different way the leaves turn in one particular area, and a spontaneous composition on a log in the Carson National Forest a few days ago.

Aspen leaves on a mountain pond
Aspen leaves on a mountain pond, in the Sangre de Cristos.

Aspen Leaves
Aspen leaves in the high country of northern New Mexico.

Aspen leaves on a log
Aspen leaves on a log in the Carson National Forest.

One fallen aspen tree leads the eye through the standing trees to the copse beyond.

Aspen Tree Hopewell Lake
Aspen tree Hopewell Lake, New Mexico.

A nice hillside of aspens in various stages of fall. There are still a number of weeks of turning colors to come. Join me on a photo tour and I’ll share some of my favorite locations with you.

Brazos Cliffs
Aspens on the flanks of the Brazos Cliffs, New Mexico.

I frequently enjoy visiting this pond in the mountains between Taos and Angel Fire and this week we hit it with precision timing. The leaves were falling like rain on and around us. Here’s a video I shared on Facebook. Turn up the sound if you watch!

Autumn pond
Autumn pond in Valle Escondido, NM.

And… last but not least, spending as much time on the road as I do, the opportunities abound. In this case a Porcupine trucking across the road. I had to move fast. The porcupine was fast, but I was slightly faster and that’s how I got this picture of a sweet little creature.

Porcupine trucking across Highway 64, New Mexico.

As always, thank you for looking. G

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    That is one cool shot of the porcupine, and I love the rest as well, thank you.

  2. New Mexico sure is beautiful at this time of the year. Love the porcupine he sure is on a mission. Look at those claws too😊

    • I was so happy to see the porcupine trucking along. I didn’t expect to see the tree-climbing claws in this instance. Thank you, June. G

  3. Thank you, Geraint. I have a great deal of difficulty explaining to my eastern relatives the glory of the Northern New Mexico Autumn. You have done it for me. Absolutely beautiful photos. And, yes, you were faster…lucky you.

  4. Love all the beautiful pictures, and the porcupine!! Look forward to visiting Taos in the fall (hopefully next year) and experience all the fall color!


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