Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Bighorn Sheep Ram, Orilla Verde, NM


Bighorn sheep. A young ram is ensconced up to his ears in the sage in the Orilla Verde Recreation Area. I got up close and personal with this young fellow on a drive through the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, New Mexico. I hope everyone is getting out in the fresh air when you can. Stay healthy. Thanks for looking. G

Bighorn Sheep Ram, Orilla Verde, NM

Red River Canyon, Bighorn Ram


Red River Canyon, Bighorn Sheep Ram. Took a drive today. We wanted to get out and make a leisurely trip with no motivation or goal except to enjoy the day. As is often the case, when there is no agenda other than to get out in nature, things happen and the day presents itself in all its glory. In Red River Canyon, shortly after we left home, I was able to get up close and personal with this handsome fellow. He seemed unperturbed by my presence. I was able to look into his eyes and see the details in his horns without my camera. The word primordial comes to mind. The elements came together and before we knew it we were heading home having experienced our own backyard with the creatures and locations that make it unique. Thanks for looking. G

Red River Canyon, Bighorn Sheep Ram.

Young Bighorn Sheep Ram


Young Bighorn sheep ram. “I am outta here!” I saw him heading my way and barely had time to get a shot off. This image is documentary evidence of the carefree nature and agility of these creatures. And, as seen in the image I posted a couple of days ago, certain sure-footedness. Heading back to the gorge tomorrow to see what we find. Thanks for looking. G

Young Bighorn sheep ram.

Bachelor Rams, Taos Mountain


Bachelor Rams, on the west rim with the Taos mountains as a backdrop. That’s Taos Mountain (Pueblo Peak) on the right, with much needed rain falling directly on the peak. The Bighorn Sheep, all rams, are a band roaming the west rim of the Rio Grande Gorge. If you would like to join me on a photo tour/workshop we will visit all the usual locations and see if we can spot them. The second image shows how close we got to them grazing along the roadside. They seem to enjoy the lush plants that get runoff from the rains on the highway. Thanks for looking. G

Bachelor Rams, Taos Mountain

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Bighorn Ram, A Young One


Bighorn Ram, a young one! Handsome and immaculately turned out. His horns look like they haven’t yet seen any rutting or any entanglement with larger, more experienced, rams. He was on his own, on a rock in the Orilla Verde area of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, chewing his cud. Doing what bighorn sheep tend to do, he ignored us and moseyed on his leisurely way. Thanks for looking. G

Bighorn Ram, A Young One

Bighorn Sheep Ram, Rio Grande Gorge Rim


Bighorn Sheep ram, on the rim in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. The Bighorn Sheep were a “big” feature on a photo tour/workshop today on the Sites of Taos, the Rio Grande Gorge and Beyond. It was a grand day, filled with spectacular clouds, New Mexico blue skies, rain, hail, and snow, all in good company and image making. Thanks to my guest photographers and thanks for looking. G

Bighorn Sheep Ram, Rio Grande Gorge Rim

Bighorn Sheep In The Rio Grande Gorge


Bighorn sheep in the Rio Grande Gorge Taos, New Mexico. Sometimes the image is mainly for the record. Two bighorn rams go at it as if in a ring with a referee ram telling them too keep it clean. When they butted heads the thunk, initially a delayed shuddering crack, echoed loudly off the canyon walls. Then after another go round it was over, and they all laid down. Thanks for looking. G

Bighorn sheep in the rio grande gorge