Bighorn Sheep Ram, Rio Grande Gorge Rim

Bighorn Sheep ram, on the rim in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. The Bighorn Sheep were a “big” feature on a photo tour/workshop today on the Sites of Taos, the Rio Grande Gorge and Beyond. It was a grand day, filled with spectacular clouds, New Mexico blue skies, rain, hail, and snow, all in good company and image making. Thanks to my guest photographers and thanks for looking. G

Bighorn Sheep Ram, Rio Grande Gorge Rim

8 thoughts on “Bighorn Sheep Ram, Rio Grande Gorge Rim

  1. Hi Geraint;

    This is Mike Peddecord. You may remember us from our half day with you in Feb. 18. We were back again for another brief Taos trip.

    Seeing your bighorn made me think I should share my Big Horn photo from the top of Kachina Peak. This is a ski memory of a lifetime. This was the first day that the Kachina Peak chair had been open in a long time. Beautiful snow. I went up again after lunch and decide to get some landscapes from the top on this “bluebird” day. On the short hike up met several skiers who said there were big horns on top. I would have never expected this. What a thrill. Had my iPhone and Nikon AW110 point an shoot (photo in the google photos link below).
    We are sure to get back to Taos and perhaps will be able to connect. Do love your daily images and still don’t know how you find the time to post these. I never miss one.

    Regards, Mike

    1. Hi Michael, thank you for sharing this story. I just checked out your image. Absolutely stunning. Let me know when you are here next. Perhaps we can meet up. That would be great. Thanks for continuing to check out my daily photo. I seem to find the time to post daily. Cheers Michael. G

    1. It was a wonderful day and I thoroughly enjoyed you and Jacks company. I am just now enjoying the images you sent. Thank you Nora. G

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