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Bighorn Sheep In The Rio Grande Gorge

Bighorn sheep in the Rio Grande Gorge Taos, New Mexico. Sometimes the image is mainly for the record. Two bighorn rams go at it as if in a ring with a referee ram telling them too keep it clean. When they butted heads the thunk, initially a delayed shuddering crack, echoed loudly off the canyon walls. Then after another go round it was over, and they all laid down. Thanks for looking. G

Bighorn sheep in the rio grande gorge

4 thoughts on “Bighorn Sheep In The Rio Grande Gorge”

  1. Interesting how the plants and rocks intimate and echo the tangles, tussles and resting places of the bighorns of the gorge in years gone by. As always your photographs always say more than meets the eye, Geraint.
    Judy McNutt, Heart-Centered Writing Mentor and Muse


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