Rio Pueblo Willows, Gorge Waterfall

Rio Pueblo red willows, with an unseasonal waterfall cascading off the rim of the Rio Grande Gorge. This image is from February 2008. It was a day of temperatures in the mid to high 60’s. The Rio Pueblo, in the foreground lined with red willows, is flowing fast and furious for February. Here’s another image from the same week of the distant waterfall. Thanks for looking and indulging my reminiscing. G

Rio Pueblo Willows, Gorge Waterfall

Bighorn Sheep In The Rio Grande Gorge

Bighorn sheep in the Rio Grande Gorge Taos, New Mexico. Sometimes the image is mainly for the record. Two bighorn rams go at it as if in a ring with a referee ram telling them too keep it clean. When they butted heads the thunk, initially a delayed shuddering crack, echoed loudly off the canyon walls. Then after another go round it was over, and they all laid down. Thanks for looking. G

Bighorn sheep in the rio grande gorge

Milk Way Over The Anthill

Over the Anthill. The Milky Way glows bright in the October sky, and if I get far enough away from the light pollution (yes we have some here in northern New Mexico), even the landscape seems to reflect the light from the stars. The grains of the anthill excavation and the stars of our galaxy rotating in unison. And as my friend Colin says in the comments “I like the juxtaposition of the smallest of creatures against the vastness of space”. Me too! Thanks for looking. G

milky way over the anthill on the gorge rim

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