Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Lost Lake, Ripples, Reflections, Colorado


Lost Lake, ripples and reflections, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Reflections of the sun setting on the red rocks and the last glow of light on the mountain peak, with a hint of blue the pale sky, surrounded by reflections of the grey rocks and shadows. Lost Lake is a constantly changing work of art. Thanks for looking. G

Lost Lake, ripples, reflections, Colorado.

Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado


Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Fall has definitely arrived early this year. I’d lay odds these males are in rut already. Such a wonderful time of year, and hearing the elk’s soulful bugle echoing through the mountains and canyons makes fall even more magical. Thanks for looking. G

Bull Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Paradise Divide, Crested Butte, Colorado


Paradise Divide, Crested Butte, Colorado. On the way to Paradise Divide the road climbs steeply with drop offs to afford spectacular views that open up across the valleys. Mountain rains and breaks in the clouds added to the atmosphere in this picture. It’s very refreshing for me to look at during the excessive heat we’ve experienced lately. Back to New Mexico in tomorrow’s photo. Thanks for looking and all the comments and compliments on my work. G

Paradise Divide, Crested Butte, Colorado.

Indian Paintbrush Valle Vidal


Indian Paintbrush and approaching storm in the Valle Vidal, NM. Got down on the ground for this one. The iPhone works well for that and reviewing images on the larger screen for composition and framing on photo tours. It has been a month of trips in the mountains where it has been so lush, green and sparkling with wildflowers. There are no signs of it changing soon. Want to go to the mountains? Thanks for looking. G

Indian Paintbrush in the Valle Vidal, NM.

Spring In The Rocky Mountains


Spring in the Rocky Mountains (Sangre de Cristos) the Moreno Valley. How quickly the weather changes at this time of year during spring. In the space of a few miles and thirty minutes later after lunch the difference follows the old adage… if you don’t like the weather in New Mexico, wait five minutes. In this instance the wind and snow became a blizzard. By the mid afternoon it was gone! Thanks for looking. G

Spring in the Rocky Mountains (Sangre de Cristos)

Spring in the Rocky Mountains the Moreno Valley

Blanca Massif, Massif Of Hay Bales


Blanca massif, and a massif of hay bales. Blanca Peak is the fourth highest summit in the US Rocky Mountains. On a clear day it can be seen from areas around Taos some 100 miles to the south. The massif dominates the central and southern San Luis Valley. Heading up this way again tomorrow on a photo tour/workshop. The weather should be perfect for photography. Thanks for looking. G

Blanca Massif, Massif Of Hay Bales

Bald Eagle, Sangre De Cristo Mountain Snows


Bald Eagle, with a backdrop of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains covered in snow. With such a commanding view it’s no wonder we’ve seen this raptor, numerous times, at this location. It’s also a great place to stop and admire the view for ourselves. If we’re fortunate we may see this bird again next week on a return trip to the area. Thanks for looking. G

Bald Eagle, Sangre De Cristo Mountain Snows

Winter Solstice Moonrise


Winter solstice moonrise over the Sangre de Cristo mountains, Colorado. Simple and subtle winter light. No great fanfare or flourish with a sunset, just the white spine of the southern Rocky Mountains highlighted by the almost full moon, that greeted us momentarily, before the clouds enveloped the rest of the sky. Happy solstice and thanks for looking. G

Winter Solstice Moonrise