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Paradise Divide, Crested Butte, Colorado

Paradise Divide, Crested Butte, Colorado. On the way to Paradise Divide the road climbs steeply with drop offs to afford spectacular views that open up across the valleys. Mountain rains and breaks in the clouds added to the atmosphere in this picture. It’s very refreshing for me to look at during the excessive heat we’ve experienced lately. Back to New Mexico in tomorrow’s photo. Thanks for looking and all the comments and compliments on my work. G

Paradise Divide, Crested Butte, Colorado.

8 thoughts on “Paradise Divide, Crested Butte, Colorado”

  1. Hey Geraint…Spectacular photograph. I haven’t been to Crested Butte in years but will have to make arrangements when this virus mess is over.

    • I’m sure a camping trip would be possible. They are socked in with fire soke right now. Could make for some moody pictures perhaps. Thanks John. G

  2. Thank you, Geraint. Places like this, the beauty, the smell, the quiet remind me of what’s waiting for me when traveling is safe again. Keep the photos coming, and keep our spirits high!

    • I’m looking forward to it very much, even tough we don’t go too far, this location would be far enough for a couple of weeks. Thank you Lora. G


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