Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Hopewell Lake, Photography Tour, Northern New Mexico


Hopewell Lake on a photography tour northern New Mexico and southern Colorado today. We spent some of the morning working the lakeshore for reflections. Later we hiked into nearby aspen groves with carpets of fallen leaves, and lying on our backs we photographed the lanky tree trunks and canopy against the blue sky. On the drive home, we stopped and to enjoy the many aspen vistas around nearly every bend in the road. Thanks for looking. G

Hopewell Lake, Photography Tour, Northern New Mexico

San Luis Valley Homestead, Colorado


San Luis Valley homestead, Colorado. A former family home on the plateau long ago deserted, currently frequented by scavengers who steal the copper wiring from the power lines and dwelling. The current owner allowed me access to the property but warned me of snakes. Consider me warned! It’s a lovely stop on my San Luis Valley photo tour, to learn the history and make some images, while pondering a bygone era. Thanks for looking. G

San Luis Valley homestead, Colorado

Killdeer, San Luis Valley, Lake, Colorado


Killdeer bird, along a lake shore in the San Luis Valley, southern Colorado. These long legged, little critters weave their way along the edge of the lake, chattering incessantly as they go. They’ll lead me in a direction away from the nest and it’s offspring. Here’s more info on these little guys. Thanks for looking. G

Killdeer, along a lake shore in the San Luis Valley, Colorado

Lobatos Bridge, Rio Grande Crossing


Lobatos Bridge, spans the Rio Grande in southern Colorado. This was on my last photo tour, March 11, 2020. It was a beautiful day and a fitting end, for the time being, of what was ramping up to be a busy year for photo tour/workshops. I have wonderful clients and I’ve rescheduled a number of trips with other trips on hold. Pending the outcome of our current situation, I’ll be signing up trips again soon. If you’re considering a tour/workshop for 2021 please get in touch. In the meantime, I have books available, with many of the locations we visit included. Thanks, as always, for looking. G

Lobatos Bridge, spans the Rio Grande in southern Colorado.

Road G, Southern Colorado


Road G, in Southern Colorado. One of my favorite roads, not only as it’s my initial ‘G’, but because it was the road that carried me to the San Luis Valley for the first time in 1990. From Wild Horse Mesa in the east, I could look southwest to Ute Mountain, west to the Rio Grande and north through the valley to the 14,000 foot snowy peaks. And beyond, as far as the eyes could see! My parents were with me on that first trip. Every time I head into this area I carry a little part of them with me on my initial road! Thanks for looking. G

Road G, in Southern Colorado.

Nesting, Swainson’s Hawk, San Luis Valley


Nesting, Swainson’s Hawk, in the San Luis Valley, southern Colorado, from a few years ago now. I still head to this location but the nest and the tree are long gone. It feels much more remote than it used to without this tree. This was the only time I saw a hawk nesting here. I know that raptors abandon nests for the parasites to die off, only to return to it in another season. So it was wonderful when my friend Mark Collins and I spotted it occupied by this Swainson’s Hawk after a number of years. Stay safe and well in your nest. Thanks for looking. G

Nesting, Swainson's Hawk, San Luis Valley

Roads, Southwest Style, Traffic Jam


Roads, southwest style, traffic jam. This area was predominantly sheep ranching years ago. Shepherds would take their flocks from New Mexico, north to the rail heads in southern Colorado. This was a small group of about five hundred head of sheep. The truck had to wait about twenty minutes until they were past. Thanks for looking. G

Roads, southwest style, traffic jam. This area was sheep ranching

Cattail, Monte Vista, NWR, Colorado


Cattail, Monte Vista, NWR, Colorado. A quick trip to the Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge and all I get is a cattail along flooded marshes. There are, of course, thousands of cattails giving sustenance and shelter to wildlife. I chose to single out this particular specimen, a tiny slice of life along the marshes in southern Colorado. Thanks for looking. G

Cattail, Monte Vista NWR, Colorado