Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Supermoon, Crow Moon, Sangre de Cristo Mountains 


Supermoon, Crow Moon, rising over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico. Also known as the Worm moon, Sap moon, Crust moon, or Maple Sugar moon! This was yesterday evening from the deck. It was so bright it kept me awake for about thirty minutes! Then some clouds drew the drapes on the night and I was out like a light. Below is the moon setting over the plateau, early this morning from the deck. Thanks for looking. G

Super Moon, Crow Moon, Sangre de Cristo Mountains

Supermoon, Crow Moon,

Spring Equinox, “Worm Moon” Rise


Spring Equinox, Super “Worm Moon” Rise. This is how the spring equinox, super moon, burst on the scene last night over the Columbine Hondo Wilderness. Yesterday’s image came shortly after, when the moon lit up the sky and the San Cristobal Valley. I hope your first day of spring was sweet and full of light and growth. G

Spring Equinox, Moon Rise

Southern Rocky Mountains Super Moon Rise


Southern Rocky Mountains winter solstice super moon rise. I didn’t post this image at the time since the winter solstice full wolf moon eclipse was a more pertinent image for the photo of the day. Prior to the lunar eclipse that evening, this is how the moon looked, as it rose in the east, over the snow capped peaks of the Sangre de Cristo range, of the southern Rocky Mountains. Thanks for looking. G

Southern Rocky Mountain Moon Rise

Super Wolf Moon Eclipse, San Cristobal


Super Wolf Moon eclipse, in the crystal clear skies San Cristobal, New Mexico yesterday evening. The event of the year so far. I used this opportunity to check out the new sony lens on the night sky. I spent the whole evening out under the stars observing and photographing eclipse. When totality happened the stars became ever so present. It was stunning. I hope everyone was able to see this event. Thanks for looking. G

Super Wolf Moon Eclipse, San Cristobal

Pueblo Peak, Taos Mountain Moonrise


Pueblo Peak, (Taos Mountain) moon rise this evening from US Highway 64. Pull over really quickly at a turnout when the tip of the moon crested the peak. This monthly moment draws people out to watch. Many people pull over to the side of the road and just watch. I’m grateful for this moment every month. If you scroll back through my archives for each month you will see how often I show up and attend this event. It is the timepiece of my life. Thanks for looking. G

Pueblo Peak, Taos Mountain Moonrise

Perigee, Blue Moon, Eclipse


Perigee, Blue Moon, Eclipse. The view from Arroyo Hondo, across the Volcanic Plateau in northern New Mexico this morning. I know the plateau is void in this image but as the sky lightened slightly the faint outline of extinct and dormant volcanoes added to the continuum of this ancient happening. Thanks for looking. G

Perigee, Blue Moon, Eclipse

January 01 2018, Super Moon Rise


January 01 2018, Super Moon Rise over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in northern New Mexico. We took a drive north this evening, to the Wild and Scenic Rivers in the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, to watch the super moon rising over the Sangre de Cristos. It was cold and the wind chill colder. The coyotes chimed in about the same time the moon came up and began their howling and chattering. It was a pristine, fitting, moment to start the new year off well. Happy New Year and thanks for looking. G

January 01 2018, Super Moon Rise

Setting Moon Across The Plateau


Setting Moon across the Taos Volcanic Plateau. The subtle hues in the morning landscape emboldened by the setting moon made for an early morning drive to remember. As we traveled south the moon traversed the cloud layer. Deciding where to pull over and make the image wasn’t too difficult, but with the moon fading fast behind the cloud we called it at this spot. Thanks for looking. G