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One More Super Moon With Taos Mountain

One more Super Moon Taos Mountain. It’s been a fabulous time watching the spectacular celestial show these last three days. I always look forward to going out photographing around the full moon. I hope you enjoyed seeing this event yourselves, and if you missed it thanks for checking in and looking. G

One More Super Moon Taos Mountain

4 thoughts on “One More Super Moon With Taos Mountain”

  1. Weeks on end of heavy overcast and pouring rain here in Vancouver. Glad to have seen the eclipse through your eyes and lens!

    • Thanks Rob. It was hazy-cloudy here in San Cristobal most of the night and I only saw a moon glow through it. Then at 5am I looked out and it was clear and the stars were out. I sure would have been bummed to have missed it! G

  2. Geraint, I’m so glad you had beautiful shooting weather. Seeing these moons has cheered me up in this blasted endless winter we’re having here.

    About what time did it rise over Taos Mt? Was it cold or windy out? This is my favorite! Thanks for your determination to go after the shots you know will be out there waiting for you.

    Shine on, my friend!

    • Thanks CC
      In this image the moon rose about 5pm before the sunset, hence the sun light illuminating the details of the mountain top. Not so windy but I had to move fast to get the right placement. Thanks again. G


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