Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Comet/2020 F3 NEOWISE, Taos Plateau


Comet/2020 F3 NEOWISE, northwest of Taos over the Volcanic Field/Plateau. When you see it, it’s hard to un see, until that is, when it vanishes into the clouds. Yesterday evening the fully overcast skies cleared a little, so I drove a few miles up into the hills behind the house for this view. The second image is when it emerged from the clouds setting over Cerro Chiflo, an old volcano. Thanks for looking. G

Comet/2020 F3 NEOWISE, Taos Plateau

Comet/2020 F3 NEOWISE,

Wild Mustang, Wild Horse Mesa, Colorado


Wild Mustang, on the Wild Horse Mesa, in southern Colorado. There are many bands of these wonderful creatures roaming high up on the mesa with fourteen thousand foot peaks as a backdrop. To the west, there are many more wild horses on the volcanic plateau. Let me know if you are interested in photographing wild mustang and I’ll arrange it. Thanks for looking. G

Wild Mustang, Wild Horse Mesa, Colorado.

Mesa Light Rays Breaking Through


Mesa light rays breaking through. The landscape is actually a plateau but locally we all refer to it as “the mesa”. When I was driving home a few weeks ago, I just had to pull over for this one and to watch the show. Believe it or not, there is lightning in the bright spot center right. I was reviewing images today and came across this one, so I thought it time for a dramatic landscape photo. Thanks for looking. G

Mesa Light Rays Breaking Through

Storm Cell, Rio Grande Gorge Plateau


Storm cell over the Rio Grande Gorge across the volcanic plateau. They move fast and drop a vast amount of water in a very short time. The cell expanded toward me, fully engulfing the little valley and me. I managed to keep the camera covered and dove back into the car out of the rain and lightning. Thanks for looking. G

Storm Cell, across the Rio Grande Gorge

San Antonio Mountain Cloud


San Antonio Mountain with a cloud, on the New Mexico, Colorado state line. We were heading north for a short evening drive. This cloud was coursing over the volcanic plateau, keeping up with my driving. When the cloud was positioned directly over San Antonio Mountain I pulled over and made this image. This mountain is an extinct volcano and is the largest free standing mountain in the 48 states. The plateau is dotted with many old volcanoes, and lava cones. This area is a beautiful part of our state with great subject matter for photography. It is featured on my San Luis Valley photo tours. Thanks for looking. G

San Antonio Mountain Cloud