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Virga Rain, Pastures, and Buddha, June 29, 2022

Greetings from the beautiful San Cristobal and Arroyo Hondo Valleys this week. We have virga skies and verdant pastures following this year’s early monsoon season.

The rain stopped briefly after raining straight for 48 hours. The sun came out for a moment before it began again. I hadn’t been out very much over the last two weeks. Drawn by the light, I grabbed my camera and headed out. I shot this first image of the virga rain from the driveway of our house.

Virga, San Cristobal
Virga over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, San Cristobal.

Within a few minutes after the first image, I hopped in the car and drove south towards Taos, where I would have access to a turnout and views across the Taos Plateau and the walking rain. You won’t find much about walking rain online, but the rain here looks like it is out for a stroll as it passes across the plateau west of Taos.

Walking Rain, Taos Plateau
Walking rain across the Taos Plateau.

A little farther south is the beautiful Arroyo Hondo Valley. As I descended the hill and rounded the curve, this scene appeared. I stayed here for about fifteen minutes before heading home.

Arroyo Hondo pasture and cattle
Pastures in the Arroyo Hondo Valley.

Sometimes all it takes is a brief moment outside to clear my head, watch the storms pass, and nature putting on a beautiful show.

Arroyo Hondo pasture and cattle
A broader view of the verdant pastures in the village of Arroyo Hondo

Within an hour, it was raining again, a torrential downpour with hail hammering on the tin roof and skylights. Lightning and thunder pursued, giving our old dog the tremors. A cheese treat with a cracker cured it. We woke up this morning to clear skies and more rain in the forecast. I’m in no way complaining here about the moisture we need it. See how green the landscape is, compared to a week ago.

This week’s final image is of the garden Buddha surrounded by marigolds Pami planted. I made a double exposure, one of the buddha and the other to blur the marigolds. The garden is loving the rain. It reminds me of Wales. Except in Wales, it would be raining for three weeks.

Garden Budha with marigolds
Buddha statue features again in our garden in San Cristobal.

As always, thank you so much for looking. Stay well, and I’ll see you here next week. G

26 thoughts on “Virga Rain, Pastures, and Buddha, June 29, 2022”

    • Thank you, Larry. Keep up your excellent bird photography, that way I get to enjoy seeing the birds in your area. G

    • Oh man did it rain. I’ll be patching the roof this weekend. Thank you Mark. I hope you had a good time in Santa Fe. G

  1. Grateful as always for receipt of another of your photo blogs filled with delightful moments beautifully captured – yes : virga, walking rain all monsoon blessings brought by Avanyu 💙

    “Green was the silence, wet was the light; the month of June trembled like a butterfly.”
    – Pablo Neruda

  2. Magical, stunning photos as always. How blessed you are to be able to wake up to that each day. I have a few nice trees and flowers but then the sounds of city life and living seeps through into my ears and view.

    • It’s beautiful here for sure, and very quiet. I like it this way. I’m happy you have some trees, though. Lots of love. Ger!

  3. I’m so glad I stopped in to see the Virgo and walking rain! As children, my brother and I would try our best to out run the walking, sometimes running rain. It was exuberayting and refreshing getting soaked in the hot Mississippi summer climate.
    Your Buddha is delightful. Have been quite busy this past year. We have found a second home in Colorado Springs, 30 days now and it is beyond words.
    My whole life on the Gulf Coast in Mississippi and now my view is of Pikes Peak and the mountain range. Someone pinch me! 😍

    • Wow. Thank you so much for sharing, Maria. There are so many beautiful places on this planet, it’s great to be fortunate to spend a length of time in a few of them. Enjoy Colorado and the view from your new home place. G

  4. Love the shots of the virga and walking rain. The skies in Taos have been especially dramatic since the rain arrived.

  5. Such wonderful light. Isn’t this rain amazing, finally back hiking in the mountains where streams are gushing🤩🌧

    • It’s amazing and beautiful. It just started raining here this evening, July 1. The light is extra special when the monsoon comes. Thank you, June. Stay well and enjoy your hikes. G

    • Hi Susie, it rained good and long and hard. Almost forgot what it’s like when it began. Then it felt very familiar and much needed.
      Thank you, Susie. I hope you are well. I enjoy your posts on FB. G


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