Wild Horses, Southern Colorado

A band of wild horses and foal in southern colorado. A month earlier when first spotted, on a photo tour, the foal could only have been two or three days old. Two days ago, exactly one month since the first encounter with the band, we observed a very healthy young foal thoroughly at ease with the cold temperatures and keeping up with the band. A delight to see as foals born here in the wild, in winter, have a slim chance of survival. Thanks for looking. G

Wild Horses southern colorado photo tour

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8 thoughts on “Wild Horses, Southern Colorado

  1. I’ve seen wild horses that are bay, sorrel & about 13 hands crossing hwy 159 south of Ft. Garland. In the last 8 years I’ve seen them at 3 different times traveling south on 159.

    1. Thank you Laura. There are so many wild horses on the “wild horse mesa” east of highway 159. An impressive sight of wild mustangs. G

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