Fine Art Images from the American Southwest

Month: August 2018

Earth And Sky, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Earth and sky. The Penitente Morada under a northern New Mexico sky in the Village of Abiquiu, just up the hill from Georgia O’Keeffe’s home and studio. This image is from a full day photo tour a few weeks ago in Abiquiu and the Chama River Valley. The dramatic skies continue, which is great for adding drama to the landscape and iconic architecture of New Mexico. If you would like to spend some time photographing in this most beautiful area, check out my photo tour page. Thanks for looking. G

Earth And Sky, Abiquiu, New Mexico

Juvenile Swainson’s Hawk

Juvenile Swainson’s Hawk, San Luis Valley Colorado. This young bird had a lot to say, one of many raptors on a photo tour in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. Hearing a hawk screaming is powerful and resonates long after the echo’s of the screeching fades. It stirs up the senses like something known and recognizable from our ancient past. It’s that way for me. Thanks for looking. G

Juvenile Swainson's Hawk

Lobatos Bridge Crossing The Rio Grande

Lobatos Bridge, crossing the Rio Grande in southern Colorado. Over the river, under the blackening storm and into the light. Earth and sky and the way between. Thanks for looking. G

Lobatos Bridge, Across The Rio Grande

Perseid Meteor Shower, Milky Way

Perseid Meteor Shower, Milky Way. Well, one meteor on this particular night and we only saw five all told. I had used Mars to set the camera focus point when this resulting image occurred. The fireball at the lower end combines with Mars for an obliterating effect in its termination. The streak above to the right is caused by the flashing lights of an airplane. I had meant to post this image a few days ago after it happened. My apologies. Thanks for looking. G

Perseid Meteor Shower and Milky Way

Here’s another image from August 13, 2016.


Western Kingbird On The Wire, Colorado

Western Kingbird on the wire southern Colorado. We were driving along and this bird kept bopping along just ahead of us. As soon as I would stop the car and level the camera, it would pop off to the next section of fence. After four attempts it appeared to be enjoying the game. On the fifth time, it waited for us on the fence line and I got off five frames, only to take off again in to the field and beyond. Thanks for looking. G

Western Kingbird on the wire

Swallowtail Butterfly, Wild Rivers

Swallowtail Butterfly, in the Wild Rivers area of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. The image below is a composite of the same butterfly, on and off the Horsetail Milkweed. This plant, is essential to the Monarch Butterflies, but it also appears to be attractive to Swallowtails. There’s a lot of Horsetail Milkweed plant along the roadsides and verges all around Taos County. Fortunately, I think the road crews cut the invasive weeds and spared the milkweed plants when mowing this year. Thanks for looking. G

Swallowtail butterfly on the Horsetail milkweed in the Wild Rivers Area

More on the Swallowtail Butterfly

Adobe Corner, Las Trampas Church

Adobe Corner, Las Trampas. The most beautiful and authentic mission Church of San José de Gracia de Las Trampas, on the high road to Taos. Click on the links below to see more images. Thanks for looking. G

Adobe Corner, Las Trampas Church

Evening Coyote In The Long Grasses

Evening Coyote in the long grasses, in a meadow in southern Colorado. I love it when the coyote stops and stares and decides we are just as interesting to him as he is to us. We were, transfixed, during this brief, eye to eye encounter with this animal. In the words of Tony Hillerman “Coyote Watches”, he does, but, I feel sure he saw us long before we saw him! Thanks for looking. G

Evening Coyote In The Long Grasses

Red-Tailed Hawk Over The Hedgerow

Red-tailed Hawk over the hedgerow. We made a quick drive a few nights ago to the southern edge of the San Luis Valley in Colorado just over the border from New Mexico. A gentle wind moved through the wheat fields stirring the crops. Raptors launched from power poles, as we drew close, gliding along the fence lines and hedgerows. The adult birds were screeching warnings to the fledglings who followed the parents, riding on warm, gentle thermals. We saw a number of fields being mowed as we criss-crossed the road grids in the area. The center pivot irrigator provided a perfect watch tower and launch pad for a number of raptors, crows and ravens eager to snatch an unsuspecting mouse or rabbit stirred up by the massive wheeled harvester. We were back home for a late dinner and a movie right before dark. This day, in it’s own way, was a cinematic experience in itself. Thanks for looking. G

Red-tailed Hawk Over The Hedgerow

The Meadows, Taos New Mexico

The Meadows, Taos, New Mexico. I don’t go to my bank very often. I do my banking on line. But when I do this is the view I see as I pull out on to US Highway 64 in El Prado (the meadows) just north of Taos. Beyond the summer greens of the line of red willows is Taos Pueblo land. From here the view is unobstructed to the Columbine – Hondo Wilderness in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Thanks for looking. G

The Meadows, Taos New Mexico

Here are a few more images from the bank!