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San José De Gracia De Las Trampas

San José de Gracia de Las Trampas on the High Road to Taos. Las Trampas is always a wonderful place to visit. Such a peaceful place. Although there are many images of this church on the web, and is immortalized by thousands of photographers, I am continually amazed more often than not, that I have the place to myself. Thanks for looking. G

San José de Gracia de Las Trampas

2 thoughts on “San José De Gracia De Las Trampas”

  1. Magnificent photo, Geraint. There are certainly no Shortage of Churches, Crosses, and beautiful Backgrounds to accompany All of your priceless work….

    • Thank you Ronald. There are plenty for now, authenticity is slowly becoming one with the land again or being gussied up and coated in turquoise and pink. G


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